10 Things I Will Never Outgrow

January is the month where most everyone you know will fall into one of two categories. Friends will either vow to be a better version of themselves or use any opportunity to comment on how stupid people are for thinking that a new year means anything will be different.

I’m not quite sure where I fall on the spectrum. While I don’t mock others for wanting to make a change with the new year, I also don’t really want to make a change myself. Maybe I've just always been content with myself, or maybe I'm just too lazy for that whole 'new year, new me' attitude. Any resolution I make would have to be about my day to day life and how to change how monotonous college life can begin to feel. Why is there no ABC Family series that depicts what college is really like? A never ending cycle of exams, group projects and badly scanned PDF readings?

Resolutions are great, whether you resolve to quit a bad habit or start a good new one. I've never been one to make resolutions, I much prefer to make goals. Goals are things that I know will take me months to achieve, if not longer. Past goals I've made include studying abroad, and this year's is giving this writing thing one full year to become something. (I just need to figure out exactly what that something is.)

There are a few things that I will never resolve to change though, habits that keep me feeling young and stupid. With this month being all about bettering our daily lives, let’s take a second to acknowledge the things we vow to never want to change.

1. Juiceboxes, because juice just tastes better when it comes out of a rectangular shaped box. And don’t get me started on the joys of drinking liquids from a straw.

2. Random cats, more specifically, chasing after random cats all while yelling, “Come here kitty, I just wanna love you with all my heart!”

3. Buying my jewelry at stores like Claires and Forever 21. I’ll most likely just lose it anyways so I might as well not pay more than 5 dollars for any item.

4. Loving a good Disney movie marathon. Say what you want about some of the horrible life lessons that the various Disney princesses promote, nothing can make you feel like everything is going to be okay in the end other than your favorite childhood Disney film.

5. Wanting a soda with my meal. Say what you want about my metabolism not being this amazing forever, how all the cool kids drink Starbucks and how healthy water is, I will not deprive myself of a Coke. 

6. Young adult novels are just better than adult novels. Their titles are just so straight forward that you don't even need to read the description. Plus, I feel like a genius for being able to finish them entirely in one sitting.

7. Trips to Costco with my mom are the highlight of my visits home. Free samples, a slice of pizza for the ride home and my favorite snacks sold in bulk! A broke twenty-something year old's paradise! 

8. Speaking of grocery shopping with my mom, if you don’t ride the cart like it’s a scooter-you’re not living.

9. Spongebob Squarepants may be played on a children’s channel, but it is certainly not written for a child audience. A twenty something with a dead end job, no drivers license or love life, that basically sums up my life! Next time you're having a bad day gohome and turn on Nickelodeon, I guarantee* Spongebob will be on and you will feel better. (I can only guarantee Spongebob will be on if you are home by 5.)

10. Picking. Whether a scab, my nose or a pimple, it’s all fun. I can’t explain why, it just is

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