12 Things You're Doing Wrong On Social Media

You can find the first half of '12 Things You're Doing Wrong On Social Media' here. 

7. Tumblr Pages That Play Music
Nothing is more mortifying that sitting in a quiet place and having your laptop suddenly start blasting some song you probably don't even like. Tumblr users with automatic music players on their pages need to stop.

Not only do I most likely already have my own music playing, it always takes me a frantic few seconds to figure out where the music is coming from, how to stop it, and then have to explain why some Demi Lovato song just started blasting from my speakers.

8. Throwback Thursday
I have never participated in throwback Thursday. It just seems like a lot of work to have to find a photo from a long time ago, I’ll stick to Instagramming whatever I’m snacking on at the moment.

While bringing up a photo from the post seems like a fun idea, people sure do like to abuse it. From those friends you have that post right at 12:01 AM on a Thursday, to others who throwback to something that happened a week ago. Anything less than two weeks ago is a late post and any photo from less than four months ago is just you wanting to remind everyone how cute you looked that day. It’s Throwback Thursday, not Two Weeks Ago Thursday.

9. Sharing Your Feelings By this point you probably think I'm some monster that can’t be pleased, but I promise I’m not! I’m actually nice (to most people), I bake cookies from time to time and can't resist petting a puppy. I swear I’m not a monster!

Which is why I can't stand people who post their feeling on Facebook, just their feelings. My good friend feeling depressed makes me worry, but I quickly turn to annoyed when that’s all she says. If you want to be sad/excited/angry go for it! Just don’t post it with no explanation and get annoyed when people ask what’s going on.

10. Giant Facebook Photo Albums
Unless you traveled somewhere amazing that I will probably never go to or went to Disneyworld, there is no reason a photo album should be over 50 images. Many of my friends are repeat offenders, often posting photo albums that reach the triple digit range. I understand that they had fun but do we all need to see the same photo at three different blur levels, a photo of your drink from six different angles as well as a step by step photo tutorial of all your girlfriends getting ready? No.

Next time you’re uploading a large amount of photos to Facebook ask yourself, “Does anyone really care to see 10 photos of me drunkenly leaning against the same friend?” (Or whatever applies to your situation.) 
Don't be this person. 

11. Arguing On Social Media
Private messages exist for a reason. I had no idea how big of a grammar Nazi everyone was until I created my Facebook account. People get into arguments with people they’ve never met, about things they don’t really care that much about, and all in front of their friends and families.

I’ve never been in a public Facebook argument because most of the time I literally could care less about anything that doesn’t have to do with me personally, but if I was about to argue with someone I certainly wouldn’t do it on a public post. If someone is really annoying the hell out of you either message them personally or just delete them, that’s how I lost contact with basically half of my friends from my freshman dorm hall. (Sorry not sorry.)

12. Promoting Your Relationship (The Good, the Bad & the Ugly)
I would have put this at number one but I wasn’t sure yet what part of relationships on social media we’re the most annoying. It’s definitely a tie between the people who feel the need to tell everyone about what a horrible person their ex was and the friend you have who is always being tagged in posts by their significant other.

Breakups are hard, believe me, I’ve basically earned a masters degree in how to get over a guy. Under no circumstances though should you publicly announce that someone cheated on you, broke up with you on your birthday, or did some other horrible thing to you that you have every right to be angry about. Most likely you share mutual friends with your ex, so your post break up anger is only making them uncomfortable, and making you look like a psycho.

Save your angry break up talk for close friends or become a writer, bitterness sounds less crazy when you spin it into something people can relate to. (Hey have you read my 12 Step Program to Getting Over A Guy??)

Because I understand how much getting your heart broken sucks, people who constantly flaunt how happy they are definitely are worse. I’m not a bitter single person, but I like any person get annoyed when a friend’s significant other constantly tags my friend in sappy posts and overly edited images.

Don’t be that couple on social media that needs everyone to know everything, because most likely everyone is waiting for you two break up (hopefully on a Facebook post) and rid their news feed of all those romantic quotes you’re constantly tagged in.

Do you have something about social media you wish people would figure out already? Or are you instead a repeat offender of one of these? Comment below, I promise not to judge too hard

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