20 Things You Didn't Ask to Know About Me

As I was wasting time the other day I noticed my friend Noor had tagged me in an Instagram photo, which at the moment made no sense because there was no possible way she had taken a photo with me. (She lives in Pakistan, I'm all the way on the California coast.)

Turns out there's a tag going around, and in the spirit of not being rude and ignoring the fact that I was tagged I figured why the hell not? I promise to do my best and not bore you with random facts that you've read a thousand times before.

1. I eat an entire bag of sunflower seeds a day. Sometimes more. I've always had a craving for seeds and have reached the point of eating them so often that I don't need any other meals during the day.

2. I went years without drinking water. Years. Then a few months ago I was too cheap to buy anything other drinks to pack with my lunch and suddenly started drinking water.

3. I played softball for one season, and by played, I mean I stood in the outfield hoping the ball never got as far as I was. I was mostly in it for the uniform, which ended up being hideous.

4. I always carry two cell phones with me. The one that is in service and the one I prefer to take photos with. It makes no sense.

5. I used to steal books from the library because I believed the other kids weren't treating them right.

6. I'm very easily annoyed, so easily that it's hard to be around myself sometimes. But the only people who see this bitchy side of me are my boyfriends. (In the past, not as in I currently have multiple boyfriends.)

7. I don't trust the people who work in salons and wax your eyebrows. Do they have an official title? Anyways, I don't trust them, I swear they always take off wayyyy too much.

8. I've never watched The Bachelor and I have no interest in it either. Dating shows have always just felt so forced to me.

9. I've never tried most foods that people love. Like cake, donuts, all seafood, hot dogs, Nutella, steak, and about every other thing you probably couldn't live without.

Nothing sexier than a cardboard box, am I right??
10. Sophomore year in college I dressed up as a robot and it was awesome. I spent days making the costume and kept it for months afterward.

11. Whenever I meet someone new I introduce myself by saying, "Hi, I'm Rubi...with an I."

12. Every time I ride a taxi alone I will text a friend the license plate number. Just in case I'm kidnapped or something...

13. Late at night when I'm really bored I'll walk around my house as quiet as possible to see how little noise I can make. Remember that scene in Enough (the movie with Jennifer Lopez and her abusive husband) where she's trying to sneak out of the house? It's half that, half pretending I'm in an episode of The Walking Dead. All in all, I bet I look ridiculous.

14. I fist pump whenever my popcorn is done.

15. I only run if there's a prize at the end. Like a free tshirt or photo opportunity.

16. I don't put a password on any of my electronics because if I'm kidnapped I'd like the police to find clues of what the heck I was doing before it happened.

17. Now that I'm writing this list it's pretty clear I'm always preparing to be kidnapped, and to partially solve my own case.

18. I've seen almost every episode of Law and Order SVU, which is probably where my paranoia stems from. (Completely unrelated gif, I just love how they were the couple that never happened.)

19. I've pepper sprayed someone. It was actually a friend of mine who was getting on my nerves.

20. It's impossible for me to smile in a photo after I've been asked to. I just cant, I'm sorry, my face doesn't work that way!

If you made it to the end, wow. The lazy in me probably would have quit halfway through so I applaud you. Definitely leave a random fact about yourself in the comments or feel free to mock me for pepper spraying my own good friend.

And if you feel like completing the tag go ahead, this is me tagging you!


  1. hahaha i love that you stole library books. i'm too much of a rule-follower but i'm surprised my younger self never thought to do that!

  2. 'I've pepper sprayed someone. It was actually a friend of mine who was getting on my nerves.' Hahaha, I'm sorry for your friend but this was amusing to me.

    Love this list and your robot costume.

  3. In my defense he was in my personal space, AND I warned him. And thank you! I definitely recommend being a robot at least one Halloween in your life :)

  4. Oh, eight year old me was sooo scared of getting caught but I somehow justified the crime since I would be giving them a better home lol