Fashionably Late to the Blogmopolitan Quiz

Today I'm linking up with Two Thirds Hazel because there's nothing I love more than answering questions about myself. Probably the reason I look forward to interviews. It's not too late to add your quiz to the link up so go download the quiz, choose your favorite PicMonkey font and get to answering!

Much wider than my blog width but I didn't want to strain all of your eyes.


  1. Scooby is such a cute nickname! Wow, you're moving to DC? Hope it all goes well!

  2. As soon as I can secure housing I will be moving to DC! And it would be a lot cuter if my friends didnt INSIST on yelling "Scooby Rubi doooo" at the most inappropriate times :I

  3. now im craving french fries! LOVED yous answers, rubi!

  4. Anything that was once a potato is ALWAYS good idea!!


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