Moments Every Twenty Something Can Relate To As Told by Friends

Being a twenty something feels a lot like being a 12 year old at a kid's party. You're not young enough to enjoy all the fun but you're nowhere near old enough to relate to the adults. So you're stuck in this weird stage where people expect you to be having the time of your life while still making responsible choices, like that's even possible.

I'm currently facing a dilemma of having the money to go on a vacation but lacking the time, and friends who have said money to vacation with me. That's the thing about adulthood, everyone reaches it at different stages, which makes navigating adulthood that much more difficult. As I hid under my blankets to avoid looking at the messy state of my apartment, I realized I couldn't possibly be the only one that feels like I'm sometimes just going through the motions.

When you realize too late that you forgot to stock up on basic necessities, like toilet paper and dish soap.

The unexplainable joy of waking up on pay day,

only to give away all your money to rent, utilities and student loan bills.

Stalking your old college boyfriends to see if they ever did become doctors or lawyers,

then moving on to check up on high school boyfriends.

Feeling a lot better about yourself after Facebook stalking your entire high school graduating class.

Running out of food and eating popcorn for dinner.

Looking around at your messy apartment and realizing your mom was right about you being a lazy slob.

Dealing with people constantly telling you how you're going to get fat in a few years.

The idea of going to the gym sounding like it could be fun,

but not wanting to spend any actual time or money at the gym.

Working a job you aren't totally in love with,

but also not being able to picture yourself in your ideal role yet.

The constant stress of wondering if every guy you meet is the one.

Quickly realize he was just another one and a really big douche.

All of your friends moving in opposite directions.

Growing close to people you never imagined you would consider a best friend.

Adopting a pet is one of the biggest milestones of this decade of your life.

Not wanting to attend anything that doesn't promise food or booze, preferably both.

Hating that dating nowadays requires an app,

but also being totally weirded out when a stranger walks up to you in real life.

Relatives constantly asking you about when you plan to settle down, or worse...

relatives never bothering to ask you when you plan to settle down. As if this isn't even an option for you.

Your old friend are starting to get married and you cant be envious even for a second.

Having to act like surprise pregnancies are total blessings and to be celebrated. Sure, but I mean, can we be real for like two seconds?

Quickly realizing you cannot be real for two seconds and keeping all your opinions about marriage and babies in your early twenties to yourself!

Wondering sometimes if you picked the wrong major, city to live in or TV show to binge watch.

Knowing that everything will work out because your mom said it would. Eventually.

So spill, what's been the hardest part of being a twenty something so far?


  1. hhahah some of these are so true. The hardest part about being in my 20's has been the feeling of not having a direction. I have goals, but I still feel lost in a lot of ways!

  2. Yes yes Yes!!! I love this. We are awkward and don't know what we are doing. #halp

  3. Friends is only my favorite this ever, so I obviously loved this post! I'm getting to the later part of my 20s and can relate so much with the wondering if I'm doing this right. Wondering if I've made the right decisions. Pondering the what-ifs. I remember reading an interview with Julia Roberts forever ago, when she was in her 30s. She mentioned that the 20s were the hardest time because you're really trying to get comfortable in your own skin, but by your 30s you discover this inner peace and contentment with who you are. I'm looking forward to that!