In Defense of Girls Who Like to Stay Home on a Friday Night

My friend Marilyn just posted the most empowering thing on Instagram. No it wasn't a butt selfie or a meme about how all men are fuck boys, it was her grad school transcript. All 'As. All A's in her graduate courses. Wow.

People like to make fun of the women (and men) who choose to stay home on a Friday night. Jokes are made about those of us who find more comfort in a few close friends, an evening with Netflix or just a restful night of sleep. The thing is, we don't give a fuck.

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While everyone else is downing shots at a bar and stumbling home in the cold at 2am, we're in bed, not worrying the price of the Uber ride home or if we're going to be able to make it to brunch the next morning. We find comfort in our predictable plans, close circle of friends and personal achievements.

Many of my friends in California are just like me, living for every day, not just the weekend. And I've come to realize that's why I had such a hard time forming close relationships in DC, a city where everyone is temporary and trying to advance as high as possible without putting in the years of work. People get one elite internship and are offended they aren't immediately offered a job. Meanwhile my friends in California commute two hours on the bus to work, attend school full time and are grinding to make their dreams a reality.

Girls who stay home on a Friday night aren't boring. We aren't antisocial and we do like to have fun. Except our idea of fun doesn't include being out until early the next day. surrounded by people trying to impress everyone around them while living up to the perceptions of what life in our twenties should be.

Yes, our twenties are a time to live, experiment, make mistakes and seize the moment. But sometimes the moment doesn't have to happen in a crowded club at 12am in a dress you aren't 100% sure you feel confident in. Seizing the moment can be taking a job you aren't sure if you're ready for, going on a vacation by yourself or dating the person you never thought would be your type.

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So if you're like me or my friend Marilyn, stressing over your loan payments and how you will ever reach your page requirements for that paper due this week, I salute you. Ignore what all those articles insist you live your twenties like, do whatever makes you happy at the end of the night. If your idea of fun is dancing at a club till 2am or dancing in your pjs with your two best friends, do you boo boo, cause the best years of our life will only win that title of we put ourselves first.

Congrats to those of you who can find pleasure in a crowded space and respect to those of you who find comfort in a familiar space. There is no right or wrong way to spend a Friday, your twenties, or a night out, but to assume those that choose to stay behind are missing out is like us assuming you choosing to go out is a cry for attention.

How do you typically spend your weekend nights? Let me know in the comments below what side of the spectrum you typically fall on. 

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  1. I'm completely with you on that! After a long week at work the last thing I want to do is get drunk and stay out all night. It's nice sometimes to meet up with friends for happy hour or a movie, but I definitely like to keep my Friday nights low key.