Facebook Proved to Me That Our 20s are the Best Years of Our Life

I've fallen into a bit of a routine lately. Up by 8:30, work by 10, home by 7, repeat. Even my weekends are becoming similar, usually including visiting my favorite dive bar, tending to my succulents and enjoying the bliss that comes with living alone in a city full of people. I absolutely love the fact that I have the freedom to live such a comfortable and boring life, but sometimes I get angsty like in this post and worry that I'm not making the best use of my twenties.

Popular media and apps like Instagram highlight the best parts of being young and carefree. Instead of snapping the piles of work on our desks we share the moments we spend at perfectly set dinner tables, Caribbean vacations and nights out till dawn. Working full time has left me wondering if I'm not making the most out of this decade, the very one that began with the decision to pack my bags in hope of discovering something about myself on the other side of this world. After spending too much time trying to figure out how I could live spontaneously at least once this week, I opened up my Facebook and was reminded that I'm just not the spontaneous type of girl, and that's okay.

Facebook's timeline review is this thing you either love or hate, and thanks to my lack of embarrassing old posts, I kinda love it. Every day I get a notification to remind me of what I was doing on this day a few years ago. Unfortunately nowadays I never post to Facebook, but luckily I've turned to other forms of social media to document my life.

As I clicked the notification on the top of the webpage I anticipated the usual posts: complains about studying, updates on my thoughts on Grey's Anatomy and possibly a quick snapshot of the relationship I was having at the time. Except today didn't disappoint, March 22nd seems to be a pretty phenomenal day for me.

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Three years ago I was spending my first few hours in Amsterdam, the first stop in my five week backpacking adventure. Based on this alone you would think I live this spontaneous, carefree life. Nope. I planned out every detail of that trip, and enjoyed the planning stages just as much as the experiences.

Two years ago today I was boarding a flight to Washington DC, a trip that would ultimately lead to my eventual relocation to our nation's capital. As exciting as this was, it was in no way unplanned. I worked my butt off throughout college so that my last semester could be spent working and living in the capital. While my time in DC was fun and full of random adventures, my preparation was anything but.

The point of all of this is to remind us that fun and adventure doesn't have to be spontaneous, carefree and without a plan. It's perfectly okay to carve out time to go with the flow and spend the rest working your ass off to be able to afford it. So no, I'm not the kinda girl who goes to brunch without first looking up a menu or thinks a night out going "wherever the night takes us" is fun, but I'm all for looking up reviews, placing a date on the calendar and enjoying the best part of it all, the anticipation. For now I'll continue working my eight hours a day, saving up my dollars for a flight to the Caribbean and pinning island worthy outfits to my vacation board.

What has been one of the most memorable moments of your twenties so far, and if you can't think of one, what's something you're working towards?


  1. Oh my god, my Facebook "On this day" thing always reminds me of how much of a dork I was.

  2. This is exactly how I am too and my planning and hard work are all slowly, but surely paying off.

  3. I'm not a huge planner myself but people who plan things are really important. I'm gratetful for my friend who I travel with a lot and who plans things out for us, because without her I would pretty much be lost all the time ;) My travelling highlights in my 20s so far were definitely my month long Interail Europe trip with this very friend and my two years abroad in the US where I met my boyfriend. I am turning 25 in a couple of months, so my twenties are only half over yet and I have one big adventure I'm planning: an East Coast --> West Coast US roadtrip for at least a month with the same planning friend, my boyfriend and hers in 2018. Here's to making the best of our 20s, no matter if we're planning everything out or are spontanious!