March Goals: Planning Spontaneity

Do you get annoyed when people say, "whoa where did the time go? I feel like the month just started!" Cause if so, prepare to feel triggered.

Where the hell did February go?! I know I've got a lot going on but I genuinely am not sure how this month flew by me. Yeah I got a ton of stuff done, but I'm not sure how able I was to enjoy all of it. Between balancing all my school assignments and my growing client caseload, my sleep has been terrible and my home gets closer every day to being swallowed by the piles of paper lying around.

Thankfully, one thing I have under control are my blog. My page views have been wonky lately, and by wonky I mean they suck. I have a minimum I never dip under but I full on cannon balled into it the past few weeks, and while I'm not sure why, I do know what does work.

Spontaneous posts. Posts that offer you nothing other than a chance to get distracted and maybe laugh at me, which is why I started writing years ago. My post, Why I Could Never Date Christian Grey, was the top performer this month, even though I wrote it at 8am before I had even gotten up to pee. This taught me that people want some relatable content as well, so I'm gonna do my best in March to publish more of this when the inspiration strikes. Okay, on to the goals.

February Goals: How did I do?

Send out newsletter regularly >> Success
If you aren't yet signed up for the weekly newsletter, what are you waiting for? Once a week I sent out an email full of content from here and around the web, to motivate you and get you pumped for the week ahead.

Think before I spend >> Success
To be honest, this wasn't so hard. I did find myself almost buying a bookshelf I didn't need but then I simply closed the tab and walked away. I'm still thinking about it so I might go back, but this out of sight out of mind trick really does work.

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Develop a routine >> Fail
Still a big, fat nope. I try, I really do, but bouncing between my home and my boyfriend's condo makes it hard. Plus work and school exhaust me, but I'm getting there, slowly.

March Goals

Blog Related Goals

Reach 600 followers on IG

I think I've finally figured out Instagram, as in, I know what to post and when. I've been avoiding investing time and money into this social media follower, but this month I plan to decide just how much I wanna put into my account.

Reach 300 Twitter followers

I know I said I was ditching Twitter, but I've found the easiest/laziest way to engage with followers on there. I'm gonna give it one full month to see if I can boost my followers and see any improvement in my traffic from Twitter.

Publish two relatable posts

In the month of February, the post that got the most engagement was one I wrote at 8am on a whim. I currently have no idea what I'll write about, but I'm sure something will pop off.

Everyday Life Goals

Read one full book

I freaking love to read, but I always leave it for last. I just bought a bunch of new books from my favorite thrift store, so I'm gonna set a small goal and vow to read one.

Organize one part of home

My organization goals have been very neglected, but a few hours is all I need to fix one small portion. I'm thinking all the kitchen drawers, so let's see if I bail.

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