How to Organize Your Inbox in 5 Minutes or Less, Seriously!

I am so guilty of signing up for email lists that I am not interested in long term. Think of giveaways, volunteer opportunities, and things that were relevant to me four years ago. I'm looking at you homecoming lineup announcements. eye emoji

Whether one of your goals for the new year was to get rid of clutter or you just cant find that coupon code you swore you marked important, your inbox shouldn't be something that stresses you out on a daily basis.

If you tried to clean out your inbox manually it would take hours, and aint nobody got time for that. The easiest way to clean your inbox and KEEP it that way is to get rid of all those automated emails you're just not interested anymore, but who the hell wants to scroll to the bottom of ever annoying email and click unsubscribe. Definitely not me.

There's an easier way, and if you haven't ever heard of it, prepare to be in love. Basically the thing that let's me know we are officially living in the feature. One small little website/algorithm/too complicated for me to understand computer machine that will let you unsubscribe for a bunch of newsletters all at once, no digging through your inbox necessary.

Using the program is pretty simple, but if you wanna see it in action, keep scrolling to watch me get rid of all the clutter in my inbox.

Also, would this be a bad moment to mention that you can now sign up for my weekly newsletter? Probably huh? Well oh well, since I mentioned it, you can now sign up for my weekly newsletter. Once a week, no fluff, no trying to sell you anything. Just a bunch of tips, resources and motivation to help you make every day of your twenties (and beyond) better than the last. Okay, I'll step off my soap box now and get to the good stuff.

Step 1:
Visit and at the bottom of the page click 'Sign up.' 

Step 2:
Type in your email. Make sure this email is the one you'd like to clean out, then click the box agreeing to the terms. 

Step 3:
You'll be taken to a page where will ask for permissions. It seems like a lot but I've never had any issues with this email address being hacked or receiving spam. 

Step 4:
Now the system will begin to scan for all your subscriptions. It works so quickly that I wasn't able to take a photo of it while it was at 0. The length of time this takes depends on how much you're subscribed to, but mine lasted no longer than one minute. 

Step 5:
Once all subscriptions are found, you'll be asked to continue. I had a total of 116 subscriptions found, which is probably the reason I cant keep up with my emails anymore!

Step 6:
This is where the fun starts! Your subscriptions are listed alphabetically, with the options to add to rollup, unsubscribe or keep in inbox. What I typically do is either unsubscribe or nothing at all, meaning you don't need to choose "keep in inbox" to continue receiving the emails. 

Step 7:
Once you unsubscribe from a few you'll get this pop up. To extend your limit you can choose to share to Facebook or Twitter. 

Step 8:
This is the tweet I posted to extend my limit. You control what is says as well as have the option to delete it later. You can follow me on Twitter @rarerubi!

Step 9:
You'll automatically be taken back to the page once you share a post. From here you can continue to unsubscribe from subscriptions. The blue bar on the top of the page is what pops up when you hit unsubscribe. 

Step 10:
Once you're down sorting through your list, you'll have a count of how many you unsubscribed from, and added to your rollup. From here you can click continue to finish the process.

Step 11:
Once done it gives you a final breakdown, with another option to share with friends. All that's left to do is click finish!

Step 12:
I know it says you've cleared all your subscriptions, but don't panic! It means only the ones you chose. Wasn't that way easier than unsubscribing one by one?


  1. Hi Rubi, as an update to this article I read that got in trouble for selling user info to 3rd parties - more info in this article from CNet

    1. Oh my gosh, I hadn't heard of this! Thanks for the info + link!!