5 Things to Do This Semester to Boost Your GPA

Grades were all that were on my mind during college, and sometimes even today. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you just can't get the grade you want. If you find yourself struggling to get that 4.0 GPA or just pass that difficult class, keep reading for my tips to boost your GPA in the span of one semester.

Whether you're reading this freshmen year or your last semester of senior year, these tips should be applicable no matter what stage of college you're in. For more tips on how to make the best of your college years, check out the college category of the blog for a full list of related posts.

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Pay attention to your class schedule

Some classes are just hard, in my case, I sucked at philosophy. Taking a course on what it means to think was way out of my league, which is why I ended the class with a C grade and a vow to never take a class in that subject again. When registering for classes, pay attention to the subjects you struggle in and try to not register for two difficult courses in the same semester. If you can't avoid it, opt for an elective or subject that comes easy to you to lessen the stress you'll feel during the semester.

Learn your study habits

No two people study alike. In my case, I work great under pressure and have never had a problem writing a paper the night before it's due. In college, I had a roommate who would start assignments weeks before they were due. Figure out your study style, then prepare accordingly. If you plan ahead, then make use of that time by scheduling out readings and assignments throughout the weeks. If you like to leave things for the last minute, make sure you keep good track of your notes and study guides so you're not wasting any time trying to find all your study materials.

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Talk to your professors

If you're struggling in a course, the best thing you can do for yourself and your grade is to talk to your semester. I know it can be nerve-wracking, but only they know why you didn't get full points for an assignment. Being open and honest with them let's them know you're trying your best, plus gives you an extra opportunity to ask questions one on one.

Form a team

Having a group of friends and classmates to help you in a class is necessary, especially if you have a habit of missing class every once in a while. A few people is all you need to make sure you never miss notes, can reach out for help on assignments, and later get together to study during finals week.

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Consider a second chance

No one talks about the fact that you can retake a class, and no, you don't have to fail a course to justify retaking it. If a specific class grade is pulling your GPA down, think about the benefits in retaking the class. If you have the time in your schedule, why not? Don't be embarrassed about it one bit, just think of it as a simple way to boost your GPA while being a step ahead of everyone else.

If you've already survived college, drop a piece of advice for current twenty somethings that are still struggling with exams and group projects!

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