Interviews have always been something I look forward to. I'm not sure if it's because I was raised to believe I could do anything I set my mind to or my total confidence in my skills. Or my love of talking about myself. For whatever reason I am almost never nervous before an interview.

My recent move to Washington DC meant having to send out dozens of applications and receiving very few call backs. Rejection is something I can deal with it, because I know if they met me, they'd love me. While I cant shine through a resume or cover letter, an interview is the perfect way to say, "hey, I'll be great to have in the office and I don't expect to be paid very much."

Last fall I had an interview so terrible, so embarrassingly tragic that I haven't been able to write about it till now.

I cried.

Did the interviewer know I was crying, well, no. But the very fact that I was crying while answering the final assessment questions is traumatizing enough. The worst part is that my actual interview went great, it was the Spanish assessment that felt like I was stabbed in the brain then asked to recite the alphabet backwards.

With my rollercoaster emotions though it's not the most awkward space I've ever cried in. I will cry anywhere I please, because I'm not a robot and I'm aware I'll probably never see those people ever again. Here are a few other awkward places I've decided to let the tears flow free.

On the subway after a long day of work followed by an equally long day at school.

Inside a Burger King. While in line. After being stung by a bee for the first time. It was justified!

At my desk at work, for a variety of reasons. If you work somewhere long enough you will eventually cry there.

On a party bus on the ride home from prom. My date was a terrible person, I just didn't realize it at the time.

Dave and Busters on graduation day. I was angry about how my graduation had went and that all of my friends had somehow moved on without me. Plus, they were taking forever to bring me my food and I was hangry.

On an 8 hour plane ride from the London to New Jersey. Some people were uncomfortable but I was heartbroken, so they could deal with it.

Am I the only one who somehow just feels better after letting out an ugly cry? Where's the most awkward place you've ever let yourself break down?


  1. Nope you aren't the only one. I usually have a moment of clarity after having a mascara running, snotty nosed cry.

    Way back in middle school I cried in the girls changing room at a youth center after telling my best friend I didn't want to be friends anymore. (She didn't care)

    During a fake job interview where I was interviewed by four people at one time. I was so overwhelmed I just broke down.

    I cried in front of a guy friend which was all good until months later when he used that conversation and a few others to tell me I had too many emotions... To really drive his point home he quoted bible scriptures at me.

    1. Oh my god, that last one sounds like I would stop crying and just become hysterically mad. Thus proving the too many emotions lol. But job interviews are tough enough, so I cant imagine being questioned by FOUR people. Geez.

  2. Yikes! I can totally relate (I've never actually cried because I hate crying in public). But I've gotten close, no worries girl, you're not alone! P.S I HATED prom

    1. I SO wanted to love prom, I mean I planned it, but to be honest, not going wouldnt have been the end of the world. Dont cry in public, once you do it once you suddenly lose all sense of shame

  3. You're not alone!
    I was crying once when I came into a starbucks (over a guy, dumb. but also some other stuff) The barista took one look at me and said "honey, i'm making you a venti on the house, what do you want" and then sat me up near the bar.

    10 minutes later (still crying) a stranger bought me a cookie and gave me a hug. This made me cry more because I felt SO touched (but also kind of pathetic)

    then a nice old lady came and sat with me and talked to me about what was wrong until I felt better.

    Sometimes you cry in public and the most wonderful kindness is given to you :)

    1. That is so incredibly sweet! The best I've gotten is a napkin passed to me (I was crying at an airport McDonalds about a guy). Seeing that written down looks really pathetic but at the time I was really sad lol