I knew immediately as I titled this post that the name alone would drive away the 5 readers I have managed to maintain during my months long absence. Okay, yes, I stopped blogging. And I know no one out there wants to hear the reasons why because every blogger loves to explain their absences. As if we're Lindsay Lohan and our blogs are own own Oprah two hour interview tell all.

So instead of boring you all with my reasons of why I disappeared from this awesome corner of the internet, I'm going to just get it over with and post again. Hence, ripping off the band aid. (Side note: does anyone else have a weird feeling of satisfaction when a book or movie references the name of the book or movie? It cant just be me right?)

Also, I've decided to start this new thing where I put little side notes into my posts. Because not only do I have a big problem with interrupting other people, I find myself interrupting, well...myself. And instead of editing my thoughts out of my posts, I've decided to keep them to add flare.

In an effort to get myself excited about blogging again I aimed to redo everything, from my theme to the blogs I follow. One hour into my silent comeback and I realized one of my favorite bloggers has temporarily retired, which is a bummer because it's hard to find bloggers who aren't worried about offending someone.

With my newfound love for blogging I filled up the entire month of June with the ideas I had scrambled onto the back of Target receipts, hoping one day they'd get further than the bottom of my purse. I'm currently working on putting into words the adventures I've encountered since my absence. A lot has happened since I last posted! I moved to Washington DC, finally adopted that cat I was always talking about, became a grown up and started working a full time job. Along the way I cried during an interview, decided being 22 is more tiring than confusing or free, and stopped posting on Facebook.

My new, much more realistic goal, is to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I may have taken a hiatus from blogging, but I never once stopped missing the feeling you get when you hit publish. I know everyone cant relate cause a lot of you have it way more together and schedule posts ahead of time. (stares your direction with jealousy)

If any of you are lifestyle bloggers, especially snarky/sarcastic/cat loving one's, I'd love for you to leave your link below. Or any recommendations of new awesome people I missed while I was busy trying to think of new ways to style a boring black pencil skirt.

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