I have a love hate relationship with Netflix.

On the one hand, I love all the options available to stream. I am crazy about the fact that I can use my account from all my devices, and I can share that account with my mom. And the video quality, don't get me started. Netflix is great, especially for those of us who like to binge our favorite series. Summer 2013 I did nothing but sit in my stretchy pants and watch Dawson's Creek start to finish. I laughed. I cried. I overheated my laptop.

On the other hand, I can't stand Netflix. It's tough to convince myself to pay monthly for shows I can watch on other websites for free. Is it legal? No. But I occasionally do it so don't judge me. Plus, with my recent move across the country, I sort of need to start saving all my nickels and dimes.

My biggest problem with Netflix is more of a problem with the person I become when I have an account. An addict. That next episode button has stolen hours of my life and persuaded me into watching way too many episodes of early 2000s teen dramas.

I eventually cut ties with Netflix a few years ago for whatever reason *cough free options cough* and hadn't thought about it since. Last summer though I spent a lot of time at home, a lot. I mentioned to my mom possibly starting a Netflix account again, she had no idea what I was talking about then I never thought about it again.

Somebody explain to me how a free trial offer pops up in my inbox the next day?

The next day!

Instances like this make me paranoid that someone is watching my mundane life from a satellite in space somewhere because how did they know? How did the people at Netflix know I was entertaining the idea of coming back and all I needed was a free trial period for them to sink their teeth into me.

Since that day I've received other offers to start my second free trial, and like an addict it's getting harder and harder to say no. I cant be with you Netflix! I'm moving soon, summer semester is killing me plus I'm job hunting, I just don't have the time to devote to us right now!

Then again, the offer expires at the end of August, so maybe I'll take the bait as a reward for finding a job. Either way, Netflix has a great marketing and outreach team, because they found me just as I was playing with the idea of coming back. Seriously though, good job guys!

Do you guys have a Netflix account, and if you do, are you able to exit out after just one episode? What's the longest you've ever sat and watched Netflix?


  1. Netflix is often my background news. I watch shows on loop while I blog or work on projects around the house. For me, it's worth every penny I spend on it each month (a huge eight bucks - less than eating out). I think a big key is learning to be productive while it's on in the background or using it as a reward for meeting goals and getting things done. I love Netflix. :)

    1. I definitely have used it for background noise but it has to be a show I've seen like a thousand times so that I dont have to keep up with the plot. And Ive tried using it as a reward while writing really long papers only to end up with like a paragraph and halfway into a season lol. I definitely love it but maybe too much!

  2. We had Netflix for about a year until we moved to a country that doesn't offer it, so it is no longer tempting. :) It's a little tricky to access tv shows and movies in English here, though, so I do look back on Netflix days fondly. Although I've always thought that they had the weirdest taste in movies--so many truly horrible movies while so many really good movies were nowhere to be found. Apparently Netflix and I disagree on a few things.

    1. Have you tried using the Hola Unblocker extension on Google Chrome?? When I spent some time in the UK I used that to be able to keep up with all my shows that I streamed in the states.
      And it really does have some terrible movies! I almost never quit halfway into a movie but Ive just given up on a few I've found on Netflix