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Facebook was like a party that I heard about really late. Like, I was walking on the street and picked up a flyer off the floor with a date from last weekend late. I remember I signed up for an account right before I started my freshmen year of college, friend requested everyone I had ever met, only to delete them all three months later.

My first few years on Facebook were odd. I went out of my way to make sure I  posted at least once a day, I was addicted to CityVille and I spent way too much time over analyzing my profile picture. Either I got older and more mature or older and more boring, but somewhere along the way stopped caring about how many likes I received and if so and so invited me to their event. Facebook slowly merged into a way I kept in contact with people, either while home for the summer or while I traveled the country.

Fast forward to today and all Facebook has become is an app that fills the extra space on my iPhone homepage. Somehow between moving to Washington DC and graduating college I stopped posting, not purposefully, but definitely for a reason.

Maybe this only applies to myself and the people I keep up to date with on Facebook, but over time I just grew bored with the website. I began to think about how much I really cared about the people on my friend's list and if we were good enough friends for me to express interest in the small moments in there life. Don't get me wrong, engagements, graduations, birthdays, I'm all over them! I love celebrating events more than anyone I know, ask my boyfriend who I like to remind our 7 month anniversary is coming up. I even suggested in a moment of craziness that we should celebrate our love biweekly. He said no.

But all the other stuff people love to share? Trips to Starbucks, pumping gas, spending a Thursday night at home? Who really cares? Long before my disappearance from Facebook I made a conscious effort to only post about stuff that would matter to me 6 months later. That helped me cut out a lot of the fluff, and once I accomplished that I got to thinking about who I really wanted to share those moments with.

While everyone on my friend list is a real life friend of mine, I'd much rather go to lunch with them than like a photo of their lunch. I see that many of my friends haven't taken this newfound attitude of the website though, which is fine, but makes it difficult to keep in contact with people. Call me crazy, but my favorite thing is to call my friends and just sit around for an hour talking about nothing and everything.

While I don't think I'll ever permanently deactivate my Facebook account, I know I'll never make such a big deal about not having posted that day. For people who do want a glimpse into my life, you can find me oversharing on Instagram. But that's totally different, I'm in it for the pretty pictures not the likes ya'll.

Do you still post on Facebook as often as you used to? If not, what social media account is your new favorite? And while we're on the subject, make sure to like my Facebook page, I promise I won't spam your news feed with photos of my lunch.

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  1. Great ideas! I love this post, it is so true that we frequently overuse social media and simply forget about reality. Great blog <3 Follow my blog at instantlyrachel.com

  2. I definitely don't post to facebook like I used to; but I do use it as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. I'm living across the country from my parents, grandparents and siblings, so posting photos of what I'm doing or a trip I'm on helps me keep them updated and vice versa! I definitely don't worry about posting every little thing or my drama on Facebook like I used to in high school, though!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

    1. I'm also living across the country and I definitely use Facebook to chat with my friends back in California. I didn't have an account in high school but I can only imagine what ridiculous things I would have shared back then

  3. I've never been a huge Facebook user. Never used it to shared much personal info. It was mostly a way to keep up with old friends, school friends, etc. people I don't interact with too much.

    Now, I use it mostly because I follow a few friends and interesting people. FB is such an outdated and boring social platform to me now but occasionally, I use it to post things about social justice and minority representation so maybe at least, some good info is being spread.

    1. That's so funny, I don't post much but I am connected to a bunch of great Facebook groups that I'm involved with heavily. I kinda just stopped using it when I found myself scrolling and wasn't even paying attention to what I was looking at :/

  4. I definitely fell out of Facebook when I left uni (or even really late into that) It got to the point where I just wasn't interested in being forced to view my friends photos/opinions ALL.THE.TIME.

    That's why I prefer blogging. If people want to know what's going on, the information is available, but I feel more in control of the content and less vulnerable.

    great post!


    1. I definitely had some people on my friend list that every time they posted something I just got angry. They were just so offensive or rude that I couldn't deal, so I just realized I was under no obligation to be their FB friend so I deleted anyone who annoyed me a regular basis. I do love blogging but none of my friends are into it, so I mainly keep up to date with them through Instagram

  5. Why in the world do people have to fill up my FB page with copy and pasted videos, news stories and words of wisdom? I already saw that news story on TV, I already saw the kitty play piano at least 100 times because I have Internet and why do you post words of wisdom when you don't even have a GED? And, I don't need to see another selfie of you turned sideways, then you use that selfie to update your profile picture on a daily basis! Oh, and I don't need to see what you have in your shopping cart at Walmart today either! Unfriend, unfriend, unfriend, unfriend...I feel better.


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