Facebook Sucked the Fun Out of Birthdays

Facebook birthday notifications have to be the second to most annoying thing about the website. First goes to game requests from friends who don't understand the fact that you do not and will never send them energy in whatever game is trending that month.

Most of the time I give in to the peer pressure (plus I don't wanna look like a jerk) and just go ahead and wish someone a 'Happy birthday.' Long paragraphs with inside jokes and photo collages are reserved only for the closest of friends, everyone else is stuck with a generic variation of "Happy Birthday!"

But what is a girl to do though when Facebook lets you know it's your ex's birthday? You know, the one who you didn't date for that long anyways so there was no point in even deleting him from your friend's list. Plus, you get a surge of delight knowing all your awesome adventures show up on his news feed. I cant be the only one, right?

What the hell are we to say to the men who dumped us, broke our hearts, never asked us out on that second date or worse, kind of just disappeared without a trace from our lives, but not from social media?

Maybe I'm immature, probably, but I'm not gonna wish a 'happy birthday' to a douche. Don't we all just wish Facebook would get rid of the birthday feature? On top of reminding me all damn day, not I'm expected to send people Starbucks gift cards too?!

So what do the rest of you do when it's someone's birthday who you just cant stand? Ignore it? Reply one to that text message Facebook now sends out that automatically posts "Happy Birthday!" on their wall? Or suck it up and think of something heartfelt so on your special day you're not that loser that only got a happy birthday wish from your weird aunt who comments on your weight every time you visit her?

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