September Revisited

Goal posts are not something I do for the simple fact that I don't need proof that I didn't accomplish I had once said I would. It's like being called out by a girl who you don't even know, except that girl is a bunch of strangers on the internet you on top of not knowing, have the ability to do so anonymously.

So that's why goal posts aren't common around here. That and to do lists are much more my style.

September was an ambitious month for me, with my recent move to the city and unemployment driving me to begin talking to the walls. I decided to be proactive and make a list of goals for the month and...well, let's just see how it went.

B L O G   G O A L S

>> {Post on a more consistent basis, preferably three times per week.} Utter fail. But I have my reasons!
>> {Write posts as the idea pops into my head, not when I'm in a rush to hit publish.} This actually happened. It was the hitting publish part that got in the way.
>> {Take photographs of ordinary objects to avoid having to use a photograph found somewhere on the internet. Last thing I need is a lawsuit over some crappy stock photo.} Done and done. Yes people looked at me like I was crazy but whatever, it's for the blog.
>> {Actually promote my posts, instead of hoping my readers will stumble upon them.} I think we all know what happened here.

    P R O F E S S I O N A L   G O A L S

    >> {For every 3 days I don't receive a call for an interview, apply to another job.} I applied to so many jobs I had to make a spreadsheet.
    >> {Have my resume and cover letter looked over by my admissions counselor.}Didn't happen, but for a good reason!
    >> {Keep up to date with job listings in the city to avoid missing any opportunities.} I finally stopped hitting refresh because I got hired!! I am working with a nonprofit organization in Washington DC, plus, I finally have somewhere to wear all my nice clothes to. 

    A C A D E M I C   G O A L S

    >> {Befriend at least one person in my courses, both for the simple fact that I need a friend in this city and to ask for help when needed.} People know my name, and while we're not weekend friends, I can count on them saving me a seat.
    >> {Do everything I can to avoid paying 800 dollars on textbooks this semester. And I mean everything!} Does deciding I'm not buying textbooks this semester taking this to an extreme?
    >> {Avoid procrastinating on assignments, because graduate school costs way too much money to get anything below an A.} I think I've done a good job at this so far, my reading are a whole other story though.

      P E R S O N A L   G O A L S

      >> {Visit at least one museum.}Haven't quite had the time.
      >> {Incorporate one new healthy habit.} Does walking everywhere count?
      >> {Try out a new restaurant.} Rita's Italian Ice is my new obsession, and it's so cheap!
      >> {Read that book I bought months ago.} Didn't happen, plus I've added more books to the read list.  

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