Developing Healthier Habits: 60 Day Challenge

I didn't want to write this post. Actually, scratch that, I didn't want to publish this post. Hitting publish meant a bunch of people would know of my intentions for  the next sixty days and totally judge me next time I posted a photo of a delicious pizza on Instagram.

Okay I'm gonna be 100% honest, I ate pizza just four hours ago, but I didn't even enjoy it, I swear! My boyfriend is super into eating out, like it's one of his favorite things to do. That new hobby coupled with my IUD means a lot of my clothes have been not fitting me comfortably, and if I wanna be totally transparent, some I can't even button.

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To be honest, I don't know if the weight gain is from the hormones or the food, but either way it's gotta go. I've been feeling sluggish lately, and I really rather not drag this feeling with me into the new season. On top of everything, I just booked a flight for my birthday and fourth of July, to an area I rather not have to cover my new rolls with loose tshirts. No disrespect to loose tshirts, they've done a lot for me the past few months.

The thing is though, I'm very anti-diet. I'm a firm believer that if you want to improve your health or change your body type, whatever your goal is, it needs to be a lifestyle change. Since I'm already a picky eater cutting out certain foods is out of the question. Obviously I'll avoid pizza, but none of that no carb, low fat, mumo jumbo.

As a therapist I'm very self aware, of everything from my emotions to my eating habits. Because of my constant self analyzing I know two things:

1) I have a very serious sugar addiction

Candy is basically a food group in my life, I have a hard time saying not to soda and I get cravings that are so intense they make me get out of bed, put on a bra and walk to 7 Eleven at 11:30 at night. True story, recent story, okay it was just last week!

2) Physical activity in my life is minimal

While I enjoy being physically active, I loathe the idea of working out. For this reason I need to find an activity that gets me moving but doesn't feel like exercise. I'm thinking either pilates or bicycling, or both if I really wanna blow myself away.

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So here's the challenge, I'm basically going to try to be less of a terrible example for myself. This means getting myself moving, drinking some actual freaking water, and learning to say no to high calorie foods.

Today was the perfect example of me eating a meal I was neither excited for nor enjoying, so why did I do it!? Oh yeah, because my boyfriend likes pizza and I didn't want to run his Sunday afternoon. Somewhere over the next 60 days I want to find the balance of eating well and not intruding on my social life, suggestions are welcome.

I have just a few more hours until day 1 begins, so I'm going to make the most of it by finishing all the marshmallows and drinking a coke! Just kidding, I won't do that, even though I desperately want to. Did I mention we just bought four cases of soda? This may be harder than I had planned for...

How do you manage to say not to unneeded calories? Also, do you have any recommendations for free or low cost online exercise routines? 

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  1. For me, finding delicious ways to cook veggies (like roasting them - HEAVEN!!) helps a ton! As for exercise, I'd totally recommend picking up hiking/long walks, trying out yoga workouts via YouTube (Fightmaster Yoga is my fave) and downloading and using the Nike Training Club app (TONNS of workouts w or w/o equipment, easily personalized, etc). If you want some healthy recipes, be free to check out mine. One of my faves is "nacho spaghetti squash" - basically all the flavoers of nachos in a spaghetti squash! Best of luck :)

    1. Oohh, downloading the Nike Training Club now!! I do follow Blogilates but I'm not like religious about it lol. I'll be checking out your website for recipes because I need some ideas stat!

  2. Hmm why do pizza and donuts have to taste so good? I'm studying nutrition at University and every time some hears that they ask me a) if I am constantly judging everyone's diets and b) do I eat extremely healthily. And it's no to both. I've been there done that with the dieting and restricting, it's no fun.
    This girl has gotta have her chocolate.
    My top tips would be finding healthier recipes on Pinterest and cooking for yourself, make eating more of an experience: do it with friends, put in effort with what you make and don't do it in rush while running to catch a bus. And find exercise that is fun (sounds like hunting for a unicorn) personally I love dancing. I loook like an idiot, but it is really fun.

    1. I totally know what you mean! I studied psychology and counseling and everyone assumes I'm trying to be their therapist or analyze them all the time. Trust me, I'm not lol. I am trying to cook for myself more often, but my boyfriend's love for eating out have made it harder than I thought lol. And trust me, I have sweaty dance sessions too whenever I get the chance lol

  3. Good timing with this post! I recently started wearing my Fitbit again and signed up for two different walking challenges. Getting family, friends & co-workers involved makes it more fun

    1. I dont have a fitbit but I just may look into walking challenged. I live in a pretty enough area where it would be doable and enjoyable!

  4. I'm two weeks in to my own personal challenge that's quite similar! I haven't put a date restriction on it, and I'm trying to make it a long-term thing. I've cut alcohol consumption drastically, and if I DO drink it's never a super sugary mixed beverage. I also meal prep my lunches a week at a time (4-5 oz chicken, 85g of green beans, 1 cup brown rice, lightly drizzled w/ bbq sauce and some steak seasoning) and snacks (apples, cheese, an occasional protein bar). Breakfast and dinner fluctuate based on cravings but I keep them within a specific calorie and macro-nutrient goal. It's a lot of work, especially on top of a full time job and exercise. BUT I feel good eating better, and I KNOW my weight will drop if I focus on my consumption, not just exercise.

    1. I dont plan to stop after the 60 days but I wanna try to get myself into the routine of it in the 60 days if that makes sense. I dont drink so thankfully that helps a lot, but I do seriously love a good soda. Diet is my main problem, I'm terrible at controlling my portions. Here's to wishing we both figure this out!!!