What It's Like to Rent Your First Apartment: As Told by the Real Housewives

Renting your first apartment is a right of passage into adulthood. Yes, moving out of your parent's home for college feels like a big deal at the time, but nothing feels more real than signing only your name to a lease and being responsible for everything. Everything including paying all the bills on time, decorating every inch of the space and making sure to lock the doors at night to avoid paranoia in the middle of the night.

This past July I finally made the leap and began to live on my own, no roommates, no shitty landlord, no one to tell me that my bag doesn't belong in the entrance. For the most part it's been great, but sometimes you realize the benefits of having a roommate. But I repeat, mostly it's pretty fucking great!

In honor of Housewives Day, yes, it's a thing, I thought I'd outline what it's like to rent your first apartment, with a little help from a few Bravolebrities.

As you pack your bags you start to think of how great having your own place will be, away from roommates who claim to never have a dirty dish in the sink or left that garbage in the common area.

You quickly release having only one name on a lease means all the bills come in your name, goodbye money!

But you can decorate however the hell you want! Christmas lights in July? Go for it! Hate the color orange? Banish it!

With no one to 'yay or nay' your outfits, you have to big your own biggest fan.

When your apartment does get kind of gross it's up to you to decide when to clean. That smell isn't sooo bad, right??

But when people comment on the dirtiness of your space you get very offended.

Until you trip on your purse for the 5th time and decide your place is a freaking pit that needs to be cleaned now! Oh, and it's all your fault.

Being the only person in the house means you can have guests over whenever you like!

The freedom of not having to ask permission will make you want to host game nights and weekly friend dinners.

Then you realize you'll have to pick up the mess and decide you rather chill at home by yourself.

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Sharing space with another person does have it's benefits, like being able to steal some of their food. Now alone you're hungry like 99% of the time.

With zero risk of anyone coming through the front door, pants are optional, and most likely always tossed someone on the floor instead of in the hamper where they belong.

Around the end of each month you'll stress about where all your money has gone. Oh that's right, rent.

With an entire place to your own, you won't be able to rely on roommates to bring with them all the stuff you kind of need, like oven mitts and spoons.

Thank god for Target! You need that serving tray, for guest and stuff.

All that time alone means you can reach your true calling, dancing around in front of the mirror while lip syncing to Beyonce.

Late at night you'll hear noises, the kind you cant blame on the cat or dog because they're laying in bed right next to you.

Immediately you dial your best friend, because only they know how to talk you down.

You quickly realize you live in a shitty apartment with no real valuables. You're definitely safe.

But it's your shitty apartment,

which you work hard for,

so good for you for being a successful adult.

Just remember to check you turned off your straightener.

Is anyone else out there a Housewives fanatic like me?? Because if you're caught up on the 'does Brooks have cancer drama' we need to talk! And for all you lonely people out there, did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. i have never watched any of the housewives but their gifs are used most often in my posts LOL

    1. I could seriously apply a housewife gif to every post I've ever read! Those women just have the best one liners

  2. This is hysterical, sad, and oh so so true hahaha


    1. I was going for funny but as I was getting ready to post it I realized it had kind of a lonely spin to it, which can be true when living alone. Especially if you've always had roommates or family around!

  3. I'm so burnt out on being an adult. Lol.

    1. Preach!! I have no idea how my idea of a fun night is being home by 9pm and watching Shark Tank as I fall asleep

  4. This is great. I have one roommate and even though there are perks to living alone, I like the perks of one roommate. Always food to steal, she has a ton of cookware that I use, we share wine so it's basically neverending, and when I want someone to keep me company while watching trash tv, I have a buddy. One day I will get my own place...but not now lol.

    1. I do miss having a roommate's stuff to use, especially when I run out of basic things like conditioner or laundry detergent. I adopted a cat when I first moved to DC though so he serves as my person to watch tv with, so far we're getting along :)