How to Spend Less Time Getting Ready in the Morning

My mornings are usually pretty chill, with my decision to never wear makeup and my general lack of fucks given about whether or not I've worn a pair of pants already that week. Yet I know for some people getting up, ready and out for work in the morning can be a bit of a struggle, so after mastering the art of never being late for my bus, I've figured out the 5 things you can do to spend less time getting ready in the morning.

What can someone do with all that extra time? How about eating a balanced breakfast, catching up on the news, or be like me and scroll through Instagram until your retinas burn from the brightness of your phone. While I don't always follow my own advice, I definitely very rarely find myself running after my bus first thing in the morning. Also because I have a big thing against running in public after public transportation. I rather be late than run after a bus, seriously though, I've been late to avoid the awkward, "hey I'm over here, hold up," arm waving situation.

Shower the night before.
Don't listen to anyone that lectures you about how gross it is to shower the night before. If they were so worried about sweating in their sleep they would spend a little more time washing their sheets to get all dead the skin off. Like on a daily basis. Showering definitely takes up the most time, so why not get it over with the night before and save yourself the time of a shower plus the time you would spend blow drying your hair!

Keep all your stuff in one place.
This seems like a no brainer but I've probably wasted over a year of my life looking for my hairbrush. By keeping everything together you don't run the risk of losing something, and the time it takes to find it, or missing a step in your morning routine. Yes, I do sometimes forget to put on deodorant because I simply didn't get a visual reminder.

Plan your outfit ahead of time.
Ten years ago doing this was nearly impossible, with no cell phone app to tell me the weather and no real rights over the TV remote to check the nightly news. By picking out your clothes before bed you cut out all the stress from the morning, and don't run the risk of finding out last minute that whatever you had hoped to wear is stained, ripped or just too wrinkly to see the light of day.

Pack your bag the night before.
Truthfully, when I'm unprepared in the morning this is what I spend most of my time doing, trying to roundup my badge, wallet, snacks and figuring out where the hell my keys are. Keeping all your junk in one spot helps, but having it ready to grab and run out the door will save you so much time. Even if you did just this, your morning could run so much more smoothly.

Download an app to help with your commute.
If you rely on public transportation to get you to where you need to be, downloading an app that let's you know about any delays or arrival times is a completely game changer. Why rush out the door if your bus is running late anyways? Major cities like New York and Washington DC have tons of them, so download a few and choose the one that works best for you.

Is there anything you do on a consistent basis so that you can get a few extra minutes of sleep? And if any of you know of a way to prevent my hair from becoming a knotted mess overnight I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comment section below!  

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  1. i used to braid my hair (when it was much longer) and sleep otherwise it would wrap around my neck like a vice! also, i'd have wavy hair in the morning so bonus!!

    i prep my lunch/snacks the night before so all i need to do is grab everything and stuff it into my lunch bag. any gym stuff is prepped the night before and placed by the door, weather is checked and then outfit is laid out the night before, showering at night!

    i hate rushing around in the morning.

    1. I hate hate hate falling asleep with great hair and waking up to it looking like a rats nest. My goal for this year is to learn how to preserve it overnight! I really need to get better about prepping food though, so much of my money goes to buying snacks at work :(

  2. Thank you for these tips. I always prepare my lunch the night before and my stuff are all in one place. I tried to plan my outfit ahead of time for a week but I didn't keep it up. I should start doing that again.

    Mlle Parker from

    1. I can plan an outfit the night before but never any earlier, I just never can predict the weather or how bloated I'm going to feel! I have no idea how some people are able to pull that off

  3. I need to give this post to my husband!! He takes forever in the morning!!

    I like to get everything ready the night before! It really helps me out!

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

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  5. The only problem I have with depending on my shower the night before is that my hair gets oily very quickly & I like my blow dry to be as fresh as possible :/

    Wendy |

    1. I shower the night before knowing that I'll have to straighten it the next morning, just cause I sleep like a crazy person. But I totally agree, I'm not a shower and air dry kind of person either, some kind of heat needs to touch my head!