Lies I Tell Myself Every Weekend

During college I never had a job, and to be honest, I hadn't actually held a paying position anywhere since I was fourteen. Without a real need for extra money (my tuition and rent was paid for with my scholarships) I chose to instead use all my free time to volunteer and involve myself with campus organizations. While I don't regret my choice to not work during college, life definitely hit me in the face when I graduated. I wasn't just looking for a job, I was looking for my first job ever.

Luckily I landed an okay position right out of college and a year later got hired doing something I had no idea I was even qualified to do. I am, I promise. This means that my life over the past year has transitioned from afternoon classes and daily naps to working 40+ hour weeks and no naps. With a full work week and the added bonus of evening graduate courses, by the time I get home I am usually exhausted and too far gone to think about anything other than setting my alarm for the next day.

Except on Friday nights. Friday nights have become this special night of the week, but not for the reasons you would think. After I do what I can with what's left of my day I usually dream up all these plans of what my weekend will consist of, knowing all too well that none of it will probably happen. But a girl can dream, right? Every weekend starts the same, high hopes about all the adventures I will go on, when in reality I watch four hour Lock Up marathons and eat popcorn till I am sporting a second trimester food baby.

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I like to pretend....

I'll use the time to cook all my meals at home.
Not sure why I even bother coming up with this lie since I live in Washington DC, the land of brunching. Seriously though, brunching is a thing here, people use the word as a verb! While I would love to save the money and eat at home, if I didn't go out to brunch I would probably never leave my apartment on a Sunday. Maybe next weekend, if my favorite restaurant catches on fire or something.

All of my laundry will be washed, folded and put away.
Maybe the reason I can never seem to finish this task all the way through is because it requires so many steps. I've been doing my laundry since I was 11, I feel like I've done my time. Last month I literally bought more underwear to avoid doing laundry, yeah, I'm that lazy. Also, a lot of my clothes is hand wash, so I spend about two weeks debating whether or not I wanna take the chance by washing it normally. Really though, can we start a petition to outlaw hand wash items?!

any sort of schoolwork will get accomplished.
The weekend is full of so much free time, free time I could use to finally start that powerpoint or reply to that email about the group project. Except I'm too lazy to sign into my university's email account and I rather not spend my Saturday reading about mental illness. Instead I'll cram it all into Sunday night or better yet, Monday at work.

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I'll visit that new museum, restaurant, cool new neighborhood, that I heard so much about.
Living in a city like Washington DC means there's always something to do, which is one of the main reasons I decided to relocate here. What no one ever mentions is that when you live in a place that aways has something going on, the thrill of going to an opening is a lot less, well, thrilling. Some nights I just dont care about how great the food is over there and how many hip places are opening up downtown. I just wanna go to my favorite take out place and watch reruns on TV.

I will put together a trendy cute outfit.
Working a 9-5 job means my life has become a blur of neutral colors and blouses I bought at H&M. Most days you will catch me wearing skinny black pants, a random blouse and a black cardigan. (I'm wearing that as I type this and I'm sure I'll be wearing it as I edit this.) (Update: As I edit I am wearing black pants, a black tank and a brown-ish blazer. Nailed it.) Weekends give me the opportunity to put to use all that cute clothes I own, except I'm lazy and I haven't done laundry in weeks. See above. So instead I wear black pants with a tank top, you know, to mix things up. Plus my shoulders miss seeing the light of day.

I will finish that list of boring chores.
Why are clothes that require dry cleaning or hand washing even manufactured? Can we all take a vote to ban any clothing that isn't machine washable, the type that doesn't mind if you wash it next to your towels and gross sheets. Boring chores are the epitome of adulthood. Tasks like needing to buy toilet paper and calling the cable company cause your remote control only works when it wants to are things that are all up to you, and with no roommates, if you ignore it then you have to live in your own pitiful (very dirty) apartment.

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I will avoid spending too much money, ie, going to Target.
Being an adult means you are suddenly in charge of the most boring things, like making sure you have paper napkins and snacks to pack for work. The problem is that you can find all these boring items in the most exicting place on earth, Target! So next thing you know, on your way to "grab toothpaste and nothing else," you have a new purse and a Glade candle that will totally reinvent your apartment's atmosphere. Goodbye 50 dollars, it was nice having you.

I'll go to bed at a reasonable time.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not out at a bar until 2 am, I'm doing the exact opposite. I'm at home, wearing the same shorts I bought at my college bookstore, browsing Pinterest while some ghost hunters TV show plays in the background. It's not glamorous, and it doesn't make much sense, but I also wouldn't want to spend my time any other way. During the week I have to force myself to put down my laptop and go to sleep, so weekends let me finally pin for days and watch TV until my eyelids involuntary close. I know I could probably benefit from the extra hours of REM sleep but my Twitter isn't going to update itself!

I will finish that DIY project.
Crafts have always been something I enjoy doing, including everything from painting to clay sculpture. When I found out Pinterest existed I lost my mind at how many DIY boards there were, and to this day daydream about those coasters I need to make and that dirt I need to buy to finish my terrarium. While I love making things on my own I usually do it on a whim, meaning I have nowhere near all the materials I need. Then Monday usually comes around and with a full work week I lack the time to finish the project, and the cycle begins there. I really wish I would just finish designing my gallery wall, as soon as I get the chance to buy some hanging wire!

Is there anything you pledge to get done every Friday night but always avoid getting around to once the weekend starts? Let me know all the things you can't be bothered to follow through on in the comments below!

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  1. I think I lie more about actually starting DIY projects than actually going through with them. I
    ll have them saved in Pinterest, but never get farther than thinking of how it'll look in my room than anything else. I also hate the putting of clothes. I'll wash them, and fold the, but hanging and storing them is just a bit too much. Guess I spend too much energy walking and back and forth to do it. Great post, btw

    1. Folding and storing them is the #1 reason why I avoid laundry! Just this afternoon I tried to bribe my bf to just do it all himself, he didn't accept my bribe :(

  2. oh i can't even handle the laundry. EVERY DAMN WEEKEND there's a mountain and i hate it!

    1. I've been avoiding the laundry for weeks, it's really gross and pathetic but I just dont feel like it! This weekend it has to get done though, I cant keep wearing the same three outfits to work, people are starting to notice

  3. This is so funny! I always think I will dress up on the weekends and spend the whole time in gym clothes :) At least they are comfy haha


    1. I bought 3 new fall-ish dresses almost a month ago and they are still hanging there! And what I'm wearing isnt even more comfortable, I just cant be bothered to style something new!

  4. I always have such high hopes for the weekend too and then Sunday night comes along (which is when I'm typing this) and I realize all the things I DIDN'T get done. Oops.

    1. I realized the thing I forgot to the list is blogging, which is what I completely ignore on the weekend. Sitting at a computer all week for 8 hours makes me not want to touch my laptop come Friday.