How I Rather Spend My Friday Night

I am in no way a homebody or introverted, I am just very selective of how and with whom I spend my time with, especially after a full workweek. Fridays for most part are a day to blow off steam and stay out late into the night, and while that's fun once in a while, Fridays for me have become this thing I look forward to for a few unconventional reasons.

Having relatively few friends in the city and being a bit lazier than the average 23 year old, most of my Fridays are spent at home planning all the fun things I plan to do after a full night's rest. I live for Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, but Friday? It feels less like a thing to celebrate and more like a thing I want to get through so my actual weekend can begin.

Having never been in love with the idea of bar crawls and dancing in a crowd of sweaty people, over the years my taste for fun things to do on a weekend night have evolved into somewhat of a ritual. So instead of finding me at that month's trendy spot, here are seven things I much rather be doing on a Friday night.

Making a real dinner, the kind with fresh ingredients.
After a full week of rushed lunches and eating whatever I can get my hands on after work, it's kind of nice to have the time to cook a real meal. I'm all for taking a leisurely walk down every grocery aisle and looking up recipes on Pinterest. I'll probably make something boring and simple, but it's the thought that counts.

Deep clean, because nothing beats not tripping over all my crap Saturday morning.
It wasn't until I moved into my first roommate free apartment that I appreciated the feeling of a clean apartment. Yes, it sucks to spend all that time scrubbing and sweeping, but with the right TV show playing in the background and a quick motivational call to my mom, taking out the trash feels less like a chore and more like an accomplishment!

Catch up on a week's worth of television.
Work and night classes get in the way of catching my shows as they air. Thank god for On Demand and Hulu, because without them I'd be completely behind on the whole does Brook's really have cancer drama!

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Make a not so quick trip to Target. 
After working hard all week I cant help but deciding to treat myself to the first red tagged thing I can get my hands on. My usual reason for visiting is because I need to buy something boring like cleaning wipes or toothpaste, but we all know Target is a black hole where you cant leave without spending at least 50 dollars.

Dance like nobody is watching, because nobody is watching. 
Unless you count my cat's judgmental stare, but I usually try to ignore that. Besides, all my favorite songs have a 0% chance of being played at any club, so unless you know of a place that blasts both Nicki Minaj and Shania Twain, I think I'll stick to my own playlist.

Call that person you meant to call forever ago. 
Living far from home means I cant meet someone for lunch or always be caught up with all my friends' lives, but one long phone call while we both lay there in sweatpants usually does the trick. I think I'm one of the only people that still uses their phone for it's original purpose, to call people! Or at least one of the last few because most of my friends have learned that if their phone is ringing it's either me or their mom.

Go to bed. 
Nothing is better than falling asleep at night not worried about having to be up early the next day or stressing over that thing you need to get finished. I usually fall asleep while catching up on a week's worth of TV, because cleaning my apartment is no easy task and that dinner I made left me in a semi food coma.

What does your typical Friday night look like? Are you like me who likes to save my fun for Saturday or are you already excited to celebrate the weekend my 5 o'clock on Friday?

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  1. i'm am way too old to be partying it up on friday nights....or any night for that matter! i'd much rather spend my time inside my house, crocheting, reading, watching tv or sleeping!

    1. That sounds exactly like my weekend nights, except for crocheting because I just cant seem to figure out anything in that realm of crafts! I stayed up till 1am this Saturday on Pinterest and way unbelievably cranky all Sunday

  2. I like your Friday night plans. Especially the part about cooking dinner.
    Fridays are one of my longest work days. So after I clock out I typically watch anime and chill.

    1. Right?! I have no idea how anyone wants to go and do anything after a long day at work, especially since Fridays always seem to move so sloooow