Things Only Bloggers Will Understand

Blogging is this thing you either get or you don't, kinda like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. When someone asks me how long I've been sharing my thoughts with strangers on the internet I have to pause and think about it for a moment, which to me signals that I've been doing it for much longer than I ever imagined I would.

Recently I've been focusing my energy on creating a community around me. You know the saying, "it take a village to raise a child." Well I'm starting to think it takes a village to survive your twenties. My quest to form my ultimate squad means I spend my weekends with people I don't know very well and who don't know much about me, yet. Within just a few hours though they do notice one thing about me, I will go to extreme measure to take the perfect shot. I mean stand on my chair, lay on the ground, stand in traffic just to get the right angle and lighting for Instagram.

I'm not at all ashamed, and I'm also not alone. Instead of sitting at home behind our laptops like no one in the world will ever understand our struggle, can we all take a moment and enjoy the things only fellow bloggers will understand?

Not understanding why our photos are always so dark,

...or worse, yellow!

The irritation that comes with trying to get the perfect flat lay.

Spending hours on a post that get's minimal page views while another blogger writes the same thing and has it go viral.

Trying to explain to your friends why they can't eat their food yet.

Having a collection of half used notebooks.

And an even bigger collection of post its, notepads and every pen in the Target One Spot section.

The worry that comes with your boss finding your blog.

The anxiety of the new guy you're dating finding your blog.

Or worse, your ex reading your blog, post breakup!

Looking at a folder full of drafts but still having nothing to post.

Never being fully satisfied with your blog design.

Pretending like you totally understand StumbleUpon.

Your most ordinary post pulling in all the page views, and you have no clue why!

The stress of feeling like you need to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever new social media is cool that month.

Posting your contact info and waiting for the sponsorship opportunities to start rolling in...*total silence*

The embarrassment that comes with using the same stock photo the same week as a blogger you follow.

Never knowing what to say in your About Me.

Watching a new blogger get really popular and sitting at home wondering why.

The whole niche versus no niche argument.

Having read dozens of WordPress versus Blogger posts.

And being strongly on one side of the debate.

Just wanting to find an Instagram aesthetic you can stick to, and enjoy!

The feeling of a post you worked really hard on getting genuine comments.

What's one thing your non-blogger friends just don't understand??


  1. Yes to all of this! I'm really weird about telling people about mine too. My boyfriend and mom both know it exists, but I haven't given either of them a link.

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  3. "Spending hours on a post that get's minimal page views while another blogger writes the same thing and has it go viral."

    I've read so many posts where the blogger goes over super simple, obvious, didn't you learn this in elementary school type information and then I see they got 100s of comments about how brilliant and useful their post is. I guess once you gain a lot a of readers it's easier to get attention on your less than stellar stuff, but when do I catch a break?

  4. Yes, yes, and yes. My real life friend just started blogging it is so satisfying every time she brings up some blogging thing that I think about a whole lot, but don't get to talk about much.
    I think it's funny when someone is surprised there is a picture on my blog that I didn't take. "WHAT?! YOU THINK I TOOK THIS BEAUTIFUL PERFECTLY WHITE BACKGROUND PICTURE?! HAHAHAH, THANK YOU!!!!"