The Best Posts of 2015

Two thousand fifteen was the year I found my place in the blogging world. When I first started it was pretty simple, write articles for college women about the college experience. With thousands of automatic readers and topics chosen for me, it was easy to stay motivated and come up with fresh new ideas. Then I graduated, entered the real world and realized I had no idea what I was doing, blogging or otherwise.

Fast forward a full year of living in the city, and I feel as if I have finally figured out what I'm doing in regards to work, school and writing. These past few months I've found who my audience is and with that writing has become so much easier. When you realize that only 20 something females are reading you blog while on their cellphones, suddenly you stop worrying about things like using gender neutral pronouns and making sure the images don't push away my male audience. What male audience? Oh that's right, I don't have one, and that's perfectly cool with me.

Before the year is over, I wanted to compile a list of the best posts on the blog, both my favorite and a few top performers. Twenty sixteen will be even more focused than before, with my topics covering everything from career, college, adulthood and relationships, yet all tailored to fit the life of a twenty something woman.

Most Helpful

How to Make the Best Resume with 10 Easy Tips

11 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend's Parents

Most Relatable

All the Lies I Tell on Instagram

12 Important Lessons from 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' for Twenty Somethings

Lies People Tell You About Being in Your Twenties

Most Personal

That Time I Cried During a Job Interview

The Cost of Living the Dream

What did you accomplish in 2015? Let me know in the comments below what your plans for 2016 are!


  1. What an awesome year! I can't believe it's nearly 2016. I need to review my year too - such a good idea.

    1. Review posts are seriously my favorite because I'm not always great at keeping up with reading through my Bloglovin feed, so this way I can catch the highlights!