10 Unexpected Useful Things Your Boyfriend Can Do For You

Last month marked a year together for my boyfriend and I. After months of badgering him about wanting to be swept off my feet for our anniversary, the boy pulled through with a pretty awesome anniversary date. And to make things better, a minor hostage situation gave me the entire day off. Don't worry, nobody was hurt or anything, it was less hostage-y, more of a distressed employee.

After months of spending every single day with the same person, there are times when him just sneezing makes me want to punch myself in the face. You saw that going somewhere else didn't you? Well it didn't, because long term relationships aren't all about romantic dinners and nights spent snuggling. There are times when I seriously find myself arguing with him and he's not even home, it's mostly just me fussing by myself. But hey, I have my reasons.

Boyfriends aren't all bad though, I promise. Finding someone who can put up with my abnormally squeaky voice and tendency to spill when eating has its perks. Sure he doesn't share my love for reality TV or frozen yogurt, but I have my reasons for not letting him go.

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Carry home all your heavy groceries.

Anyone with a cat knows the pain of having to carry a 20 pound bucket of kitty litter home. I have literally pulled muscles carrying those tubs of sand up my driveway. Thank the boyfriend gods that guys just love to show off how many heavy things they can carry.

Turn off all those lights you "forgot" about.

I have a bad habit of forgetting to turn off lights, and by forgetting, I mean I saw it but couldn't be bothered to get out of bed to do it. I live in a tiny studio apartment, which means the light switch is only three steps away. But still, can you get that babe, I totally spaced out and forgot.

Keep track of all those items you lost.

If you're sort of blind like me, a working pair of eyes around the house is more helpful than you can imagine. Having another person to let me know where I set down my glasses, remote or metro card saves me so much time every morning.

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Help you with your...personal dilemmas.

I have white hairs okay?! There I said it! They grow way faster than my normal black hair and can't even be called gray hairs, they are as white as snow falling. While I'm proud of them most of the time, there are days when I need the help of my boyfriend to yank one that is being a bit of an overachiever.

Give you money.

I'm kidding! Sort of. I'm just really terrible at remembering to reload my commuter card so sometimes I need $1.75 to get myself to work. It's not like we have joint bank accounts or anything, but I know I can count on him to toss me a few coins. Seven quarters to be exact.

Steal your phone.

For the purpose of helping you focus on whatever you need to get done. While my boyfriend does have a strange fascination with my Instagram feed, he is great at "accidentally" sitting on my phone until I finish whatever needs to be completed.

Watch the most boring thing on TV.

While usually I would complain about the channel needing to be changed, when I have a deadline to meet, my boyfriend has full control of the remote. I know I can count on him to put on a show so boring it makes my assignment feel like the most interesting thing I could be doing.

Be a part time photographer.

Casual, candid moments don't just capture themselves, you know? Don't feel bad for him, most of the time my boyfriend insists on taking a photo of something when all I'm trying to do is enjoy the moment. This would be great if his photography skills didn't mimic one of a 10 year old.

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Be your best friend of the night.

All of my friends live on the opposite side of the country, which means sometimes I need someone to fill the role of standing by my side as I scream at the top of my lungs. I'm talking about the fact that this summer my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. Yeah, it was pretty epic. While he likes Taylor Swift and puts up with me playing the CD all the time, I had no idea he knew as many lyrics as he did. While he didn't cry at least once, he was a perfectly good substitute for the night.

Keep you fed and hydrated.

True story, sometimes I forget to eat for so long that I eventually just faint. It's weird and I don't know why I do it but it happens. Or I should say, it used to happen. My boyfriend and I like to joke that the reason we ended up together is because he made me fall in love with him by buying me snacks from the vending machine at work, which is partially true. Ever since we first met he's been showering me with snacks to pack for work and buying me sodas at the bar to help me feel less awkward about not having a drink in my hand. He may just be buying me Cokes and gummy worms, but it's the small things that count, isn't it?

Are there any things your boyfriend does for you that you never imagined he would agree to? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. My man-friend is the best at always keeping me company ;)

    1. Theyre great company, until they start complaining about the channel we chose or how the tv is never loud enough lol

  2. I snorted as soon as I saw the title of this. Boyfriends are AWESOME. March will mark 2 years of mine & Pai's first date. I will say that after the honeymoon stage, things get pretty hairy sometimes. Yes, in a literal sense, but also in a figurative sense (Nina, when was the last time you shaved your legs? / Pai, Don't touch my chin I haven't plucked my chin hair!) But it's even more sweet at this point when your boy does something sweet because you know he's not doing it just to get you to like him anymore! Pai and I have several conversations about "wooing" me. He still woos me a lot, even after a year and a half! :)

    1. I seriously went on strike from shaving my legs because my boyfriend would not stop growing his stupid beard. And I HATE long beards. It got to the point where I stopped caring completely and he was completely grossed out by the sight of my legs. In the end I won, which was really a win for the both of us because I missed wearing skirts!

  3. Seriously underrated acts of love and kindess Rubi, you're right! Especially keeping you fed #HANGRY is no joke

    1. I turn into a demon when I'm really hungry. If I'm not fed something quick, I will basically ignore everything and everyone until I find some food. Probably why my bf always is offering me snacks lol

  4. My boyfriend's best use is his height. I'm 5'2" and he's 6'5", which makes him very useful to keep around ;)

    1. ugh that sounds amazing, and adorable! And I know how hard it can be to be 5'2, everyone in my family besides me is that height or shorter

  5. my bf is always helping me find things I lost and helps with the groceries :D so true! great post :)

    stop by and chat with me ♥ http://storybookapothecary.com

    1. I stopped taking my bf grocery shopping because all he does is rush me, but when I used to invite him he was great at lugging all the heavy items