Humpday Confessions: Pregnancy and Moving to Washington DC

I confess...

>> I spent all of last week convinced I was either pregnant or dying. Turns out I've just been so stressed that mother nature came a week and a half late, because that's not something that would exponentially stress me out even more.

>> I was accepted into a great grad program in Washington DC, but I might not go simply because they charge the price of one soul for housing.

>> I've cried almost every day this week because of the stress of looking for housing, a job and trying to figure out a move across the country. Did I mention I have 4 weeks to get this all done?

>> I've been too tired to read blogs lately so I skim through Bloglovin for my absolute favorites and for any posts with an interesting title. #imactuallysorry

>> I have about 100 blog post ideas but zero patience to sit down and write about any of them.

>> Storage Wars is my current show to binge when I just give up on everything. Don't judge me, I like the drama of not knowing if they're going to make their money back.

>> With all the upcoming deadlines to get my life sorted out I forgot it was Wednesday, which turned into me forgetting to write this post until Kathy sent out an email about a link up malfunction, which means I have no chance up being one of the first few to link up!

>> There's two posts in one day because why the hell not?! Click here to see the other link up party I was fashionably late to...

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  1. Good luck on getting everything sorted for DC. I hope you can go! :D

  2. good luck getting everything sorted out! before i started college, i procrastinated with everything and only had 1 week to look for a place to stay! i was panicking but it all worked out in the end...bumped into a friend at a club and during our drunken bonding, he heard about my pending sleepover on the streets and offered up a place in his house with 4 of his other roommates.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  3. i also have gazillion ideas for my posts but no inspiration or patience! and omg i would die about thinking i am pregnant!

  4. OMG right?! Last week was a roller coaster of emotions that I probably should have channeled into some awesome blog posts lol

  5. I have until August 3rd so hopefully tomorrow's phone calls to strangers will give me some leads! If anything I'll camp out in a hostel for a while :)

  6. yay for no babies, and sorry you've been stressed, that's never fun!

  7. I'm like you when it comes to blogging, I have a million ideas and no patience to deal with them at all lately! Hope you get de-stressed and everything slows down a bit for you!

  8. I have been feeling exactly the same way lately...I'm moving halfway across the country in 29 days to college, and I don't even know what dorm I'm living in or what classes I'm taking. On top of that, my boyfriend, who I am still very much in love with, told me we needed a yeah on a scale of Netflixing so I don't drown myself in my tears, I'm way above a 10. Glad you aren't pregnant and haven't resorted to self harm or not taking a shower. You will get through it, we are women, and we always do.

  9. I started watching storage wars and it's actually kinda crazy what people keep in their storage rooms lol

  10. I embarrassingly just finished catching up on the past six seasons. Craziest things I saw pulled out of a Storage Locker was a human skeleton!

  11. Oh nooo, why do all the bad things have to happen at once!! I hope you are able to figure everything out, believe me, I've been binge watching like no other because I dont even have the energy to scroll through Instagram at times. I hope things get better, and if not, just eat your feelings like I do :)

  12. This summer has been a marathon of having more important things to do sadly. Ive figured out I do my best blogging between episodes of my favorite show, and I wont hit next episode until I get one thing done!