20 Ways to Save Money This Week

Saving money doesn't have to be hard or mean you can't enjoy your life. After quitting my well paying job to finish my masters, I learned that the only way it was going to work was by cutting back on things I didn't need and saving money on the things I did.

If you're trying to cut your budget or save a little extra money, below are twenty ways to save money that won't take away from how you spend your time or how much fun you have doing the things you love. For more ideas on how to save money on a daily basis, click here for more posts!

Want to save money without too much effort? Click to read the 20 ways I save and make money each week without changing my routine all that much.

1. Buy generic
This one seems obvious, but whether it's food or househould items, generic is typically the same and works/tastes just as good.

2. Don't buy lunch
If you work a 9-5 job, then you know how expensive lunch can get. Skip the extra cost and pack a lunch, with the savings being more than half of being it daily.

3. Shop through Ebates

If you haven't heard of Ebates, where have you been? All you have to do is visit Ebates.com, click the online retailer you wanna shop on, and then just shop! It's that simple. Every three months you get a check with the amount of savings you've accumulated, no coupon codes or extra work required. Plus, if you sign up through this link, you get a free $10 just for joining.

4. Only shop at thrift stores
Spend a little time finding the best ones in your area, then make a pledge to only buy used clothing until you've reached your financial goal. Once you find the one perfect piece, you'll be hooked.

5. Go on a spending freeze
Okay, this one's tough, but what saves more money than not buying anything at all? Typically people still cover basic bills likes utilities and rent, but grocery budgets are set low and everything else if off limit until the spending freeze is over.

6. Cut your cable
When I did this, I panicked. What was I gonna watch? How was I gonna spend my time after work? Turns out there's a ton of free content out there on places like YouTube and your favorite channel's websites, otherwise Netflix can always save the day.

7. Attend free events in your city
Finding something fun and free to do is simple. Just type into your search bar "free things to do in (your city name)." You can either go from there or refine the search results to pages published within the last week or month.

8. Rent your books instead of buying

Most popular novels are available free in local libraries, and if you're not sure, so many have a searchable catalog online. For college students, websites like Chegg made it so easy for me to never pay full price for a textbook! Chegg has the easiest book rental return, plus their prices are pretty hard to beat. Plus, if you have old textbook you wanna get rid of, click here to learn about Chegg's book buyback program!

9. Get some free tutoring
Speaking of Chegg, did you know they now have online tutoring services, 24/7? Yes! Around the clock! I wish this was around when I was in college, it would have saved me a lot of trips to office hours. Click here for a free 30 minute trial, and share this link with any friends who could benefit from some free late night tutoring.

10. Visit your library
I mentioned popular books are now available in libraries, but did you know most libraries now offer so much more. My local library has entire series on DVD, like Friends or The Office. Visit your local library for something to watch once you take the plunge of cutting your cable.

11. Automate your bills
Late fees suck, which is why you should automate any bill you can. Apps like Mint can help remind you of when something is due, that way you can double check you have the necessary funds before the transaction goes through.

12. Buy the Sunday newspaper
Two years ago I picked up a Sunday newspaper, and that's when I realized how many amazing coupons are offered each week. Now, once a month, I make sure to pick up the paper to stock up on coupons for basic things like shampoo and other toiletries. I can typically buy a six month supply of hair products for under ten dollars!

13. Print some coupons
If you want extra coupons, there's tons of websites where you can print coupons from. I typically do this when I'm buying specific products, like housecleaners or food.

14. Download these apps

No explanation needed for these. Just download all the apps mentioned in this post, trust me. 

15. Pay attention to your utility bill
Look to see where you're spending the most, then see if you can cut back in any way. Whether it's shutting off the lights or doing laundry less often.

Want to save money without too much effort? Click to read the 20 ways I save and make money each week without changing my routine all that much.
16. Go on a low cost date night
Is it just me, or do we spend way too much money when out with our significant others? Click here for a full list of low cost date nights.

17. Uninstall uber and lyft
Living in the city, it's so easy to skip the subway commute and just order a ride home. My wallet does not appreciate it though. Take away the temptation and uninstall the apps.

18. Clean out your inbox

Who else falls into the trap of random sales? What you don't know won't empty out your wallet, so learn how to empty your inbox of those store subscriptions in a matter of minutes, seriously! Click here for a full post on how to get rid of all those emails.

19. Pay attention to how much things cost
Luckily I learned this early, but next to every price in grocery store tags, is how much you're paying per ounce or pound. Compare products by this number instead of the total price, this way you're saving money in the long run instead of the moment.

20. Sell your clothes
Wanna actually make some money? Spend a day purging your closet and sell anything you don't love or haven't worn online. Apps like OfferUp are a great option, plus Facebook now has a marketplace as well.

What's your fave way to save a little extra money? Share your tips in the comments below!

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  1. I also gave up my full-time well paying job to go back to grad school...ha! I definitely do a lot of these things daily now. Making lunches at home is a big one for me, same with low cost date nights. I also have an automatic $20 per week deposit into my savings from my checking account, in addition to a save-as-you-go option where $1 is deposited into savings for every debit card swipe. Easy way to save without thinking about it!

    1. I need to look into the automatic deposit thing! I'm great at saving but only for big things like vacations or emergencies. It would be nice to have savings that are safe from being spent after a big event

  2. So many great suggestions! I worked a 9-5 and stopped by lunch and literally couldn't believe how much I saved!


    1. Yes!! It's crazy how much we spend on one meal out of the day. Especially since we're at work and craving less healthy options too.

  3. I work at a library and I'm always taking advantage of all the movies and CDs we have so I don't spend money on things I may not actually like!

    1. I'm the same way, I won't buy a book anymore unless I know I love it. The library in DC almost always has what I need

  4. Thrift shopping is my favourite thing ever. I've found some absolute gems!

    1. I think I wanna start showing my thrift hauls, even though I'm not a fashion blogger, I find some really great pieces for like 90% off sometimes!