Things I Wish I Could Claim on My Taxes

Today's the day, Tax Day. If you're anything like me you're currently freaking out because you can't find your W2 or have completely forgotten what password you chose for your Turbotax account. Breathe girl. Me last year waited until the very last day to file, which led to a lot of cursing and frantic calls to my sister.

2017 Rubi? She did her taxes over a month ago, mainly because my boyfriend wouldn't stop nagging me to get it done before the deadline. Early or not, I can always relate to someone who leaves it to the last minute.

As I ate my dinner I did what I always do, scroll through my Bloglovin feed to catch up with new posts from all my favorite blogs. One of my new favorite websites is Twenty Something Living, organized by three badass women in their twenties. Their post, Other Things I Wish I Could Claim On My Taxes, inspired me to draft my own post. I definitely recommend you check out their post and website overall, and follow them on Instagram at @twentysomethingliving.

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Tech support to my mom

I'm writing this post immediately after getting of the phone with my mom. In one phone call she managed to have to reset her password twice, hang up on me once, and raise my blood pressure. Anyone with a mom who doesn't use technology much knows the stress that comes with trying to teach your mom how to use a new feature, bonus points if you do it over FaceTime.

My boyfriend's appetite

He may not eat much, at least not when it's actual food. Every night we bicker over popcorn, whether it's who popped it (always me) or who's taking too much (usually him). You know when you ask someone if they want something, they say no, then take some of yours?? Imagine that feeling every night. But seriously though, can I claim his cravings on my tax form somewhere?

Time lost to slow walkers

I may have grown up near the beach, but I walk like a New Yorker. I have what I like to call pedestrian rage, meaning I angrily weave through crowds, curse at cars and overall walk like I'm about to give birth. It's not my best feature, but then again, nobody's perfect. Time is the only thing we can never get back, so losing to to slow walkers is hard to cope with.

My cat, Max

One day I wholeheartedly believe pets will be something you can claim, here's why. Just this month I spent close to $400 on vet bills for my cat Max. On top of unexpected medical bills, pets require food, vaccinations and toys to keep them from chewing up your shoes. I'm not saying it has to be a big write off, but something would be nice.

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Money spent on aspirin

Ever since I became a therapist I've consumed more aspirin in four months than I had in my entire life. Most nights I come home with a headache due to processing all the information my clients' share with me. Going from never buying aspirin to never being without some has left a dent in my wallet, so it would be nice if I could claim this new necessary lifestyle item.

What's something you wish you could claim on your taxes? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'd love to be able to claim all my time spent on social media! Maybe I can call it blog-related research?

    1. Yes! How can I claim all the hours I've spent looking for and organizing my hashtags lol

  2. So much yes to this! I always wonder why I can't claim my dog. I mean, I do support her, she is a dependent, ha!

    1. EXACTLY! My cat's last vet visit cost more than my own trip to the doctor, so how is it that I cant claim that hmmm??