Humpday Confessions: Adopting and Job Hunting

I confess...

>> I've been putting a little too much effort into photographing the perfect photo for the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I've just become really particular about the photos I post on my Instagram account overall.

>> The rumors are true, you do gain weight after graduation. Hopefully living off pennies in Washington DC will make me drop this weight.

>> The thing that keeps me from posting on a regular schedule hasn't been content lately, it's been photos to go with my posts. A fellow blogger in a network I'm involved with just had a company threaten to sue her, which explains the lack of GIFs in this post.

>> I've spent too many hours that I care to admit to browsing cats available to adopt in the DC area. Never mind that I have no job and haven't yet moved to DC.

>> I signed my lease today for a room in a house in Maryland, and I'm praying this doesn't end up being another scam on the internet.

>> I haven't really started job hunting in the city only because I'm scared I can't compete with the other people there. I'm straight out of college with a whole lot of volunteer experience but zero actual work experience.

>> The thought of moving across the country for three years is beginning to terrify me, but at the same time it's equally exciting. Why must our twenties be so confusing?

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  1. That is scary about the blogger who had a company threaten to sue her! Yikes.
    How exciting about moving to Washington D.C. though!! That is going to be quite the adventure :D

  2. DC is an amazing place. I'd totally love to come back and live in the District one day.

  3. what??? was it a gif (or gifs/pics) she used and didn't give credit for? that's so scary!

    thanks for linking up (and warning us)!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Stories like this are why I don't ever use GIFs. Just too hard to track down the original creator for credit+so much room for copyright infringement. Hopefully everything works out okay for her.

    Good luck with the move & job hunt, it can be intimidating but fun!

  5. I know, I love GIFs but finding a source is a pain. Time to start taking photos of everything, 24/7!
    And thank you, I'm currently visiting every job listing website. There has to be at least one job out there for me, right? :)

  6. It was ONE photo from over a year ago, of some random hotel. She's a small blogger who I'm sure made no money off of it, and even though they've decided to not sue her (it's some large company) they are making her pay a settlement fee. People suck sometimes.

  7. I know, I'm so excited to be moving back. I leave next week so I'm furiously scheduling blog posts lol

  8. I feel so bad for her, the company is asking she pay a settlement. And yes, I just booked my ticket for next Tuesday so I'm just dying to start packing my things!

  9. Yeah, that hotel pic story freaked me out as well. I'm going to try to be as careful as I can about crediting images from now on. I know GIFs are copyrighted to the shows but they're so fun to use. :(

    I hope the move and jobhunting goes well!

  10. Oh my gosh! That's awful. Definitely makes me 100% more careful with my images.
    I can imagine you are super excited!!

  11. I hope everything works out for her, but it was definitely a wake up call. And thank you for the well wishes, just a few more days and I'll be in your time zone! :)

  12. We have lived all the way across the country from home for over a year now, and it is still a crazy idea to us! Just try to make the most of it and realize that you will never regret the chances you take!