100 Happy Days Challenge :: Days 11-20

Keeping up with the challenge has been difficult the past ten days, partially because I've been so busy getting everything in my new home but mainly because I've found it hard to stay positive overall. This move has taken so much out of me physically and mentally, but something as small as this challenge keeps me focused on what's coming up next.

I'm hoping to have a very important job application submitted my tomorrow, but in the meantime these are the things that have been keeping me occupied during the past few days. I honestly almost forgot on day fourteen, so I might have to begin setting a reminder on my phone before the day is over.

To read why I'm taking part in the challenge, you can click here, and also catch up on the first ten days. I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram and comment down below if you're currently taking part in the challenge or have in the past.

DAY 11: Visiting family one last time before my move and admiring my dad's new hobby of creating the most adorable terrariums.

DAY 12: Flight number two. Yes I did take my terrarium on board the plane, and yes, I did eventually prick myself.

DAY 13: The first of many East Coast sunrises I captured.

DAY 14: I found my high school honor roll buttons while packing plus my first cell phone ever!

DAY 15: Cat sitting my favorite kind of cat, black. She kind of had an attitude but I loved her anyways.

DAY 16: God is real y'all. Chicken fries are back!

DAY 17: If over packing was a sport, I'd always be MVP. 

DAY 18: I spent 2-3 hour wandering Target, it's sort of the place I go for comfort. No matter where you are, Target is always the same. 

DAY 19: My mind has been a mess lately, so I decided to at least not let my nails follow suit. 

DAY 20: You know you've been living in California too long when you are legitimately excited that it's raining. (I lit candles guys. And maybe some incense.)

If you are participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge I'd love if you comment you're Instagram account so I can go give you some love, and if you've already finished it(or tried to), how was your experience?
You can keep up with my progress here >>


  1. i tried one of these things and i think i ended up forgetting about it after week 1! :(

  2. Aw, did you just carry that pot of terrarium the whole flight?

    Wishing you good luck on getting settled and the job apps! It's got to be hard to move so far away but hopefully the new school will be awesome.