100 Happy Days Challenge :: Days 1-10

So much has been going on the past ten days I don't know where to begin, but through it all I've managed to keep up with the challenge and capture some very big moments of this year.

Tomorrow night I will be catching my flight to Washington DC, where I have a room in a gorgeous house waiting for me and my graduate program to begin. Below are my photos from days 1-10 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge, and a quick explanation of each.

I'm hoping on completing this challenge for a lot of reasons, but my biggest goal is to just capture all the changes that will be occurring during the remainder of this year. If you aren't following me on Instagram you definitely should, I post minimal selfies and promise to not use more than 3 hashtags. Check out my account here >>

DAY 1: Announcing my decision to move to Washington DC to all my friends. 

DAY 2: Found $20 while sorting things for my yard sale. Score!

DAY 3: Made very little money at the yard sale and had been up since 5 AM, bought some ice cream to reward myself. 

DAY 4: Paid my tuition deposit that secures my space as a grad student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. You can read why I chose this school here

DAY 5: Went for a random walk near my home. Watsonville (my hometown) has some secretly gorgeous trails. 

DAY 6: Booked my flight to Washington DC. And surprisingly didn't pay an arm and a leg.

DAY 7: The one random day a year that my mom decides to have fast food for dinner.

DAY 8: Group photo of my Washington DC Academic Internship Program. It was snowing on us but that didn't stop me from wearing my favorite work dress.

DAY 9: A snapshot of my seventh grade yearbook. I've had haters since 2005.

DAY 10: My postcard collection has grown to 143 total.

If you are participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge I'd love if you comment you're Instagram account so I can go give you some love, and if you've already finished it(or tried to), how was your experience?

You can keep up with my progress here >>

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