The Best and Worst: Can We All Admit the Gilmore Girls Revival Sucked?

Three days. For three days I sat in front of my Macbook and relived the episodes that helped me navigate my early teens. Pop cultural references that suddenly made sense to me and judgments about characters that I had never made before. The Gilmore Girls Revival was set to be released Friday after Thanksgiving, and like a fool I had underestimated just how much I had to catch up on.

Near the end I started fast forwarding over scenes I remembered well enough, wanting to only relive the important stuff like graduations and breakups. Even though my love for the small town characters runs deep, it was only Lorelai's plot I found myself caring about by season 7. As for Rory, I had begun to dislike her the moment she started dating Dean again. Who knew her habit of being the other woman would stick with her into middle adulthood.

I watched the four new episodes in one sitting, waiting for the moment where I would spit out my popcorn or tear up like everyone else claimed to, but it never happened. Jokes sounded forced, or worse, offensive. Lorelai was still an overgrown teenage girl and Rory had grown up to be the privileged woman her mother fought so hard for her not to be. Plot lines of men being disrespected, from the forgettable Paul to our favorite diner owner being left in the dust yet again.

The entire thing seemed...staged. And not in a we haven't done this in a long time so let us get our groove back kind of way. More of a, this show should have been left in the past, where fans could imagine better lives for the characters who unfortunately came back to life to do all the things we never imagined they would go along with.

But instead of focusing on all the bad, which there was a lot of, I thought I'd highlight three good, and three not so great moments. I mean, it did take me a full three days to catch up on a show I used to love. Now, I'm not so sure either women are the best role models for young (and old) women today.

Bad: Realizing Rory has always been terrible.

It wasn't until I began rewatching the seasons that I realized that Rory is nothing special, and I know that sounds harsh, but she just isn't. Maybe it's because I wasn't raised being told I could be anything I wanted to be, or that a call would be made if it turned out I couldn't.

The revival episodes just demonstrated her biggest faults, including her issues with men as well as her belief that she should be offered any position she applies for. And don't get me started on her mocking the thirty something group, at least they would be appreciative of a woman taking the time to interview them, whether they wanted the job or not.

Worse: Everything surrounding Sookie's character.

Whether it was the reason she wasn't there or the fact that fans know the real reason why, but not having Sookie around felt like a big piece of the show was missing. Not only were fans deprived of Sookie and Michel banter, but we also had to deal with her being declared Lorelai's best friend in one scene only to be excluded from the wedding ceremony altogether. I'm sorry, but they could have freaking asked her! Too much Kirk, not near enough Sookie.

Worst: Rory and Lorelai's relationship with men.

I think we can all agree Rory grew up to be kind of a bitch in the relationship department. Dating a guy whose name she cant even remember, sleeping with an engaged man, then waking up after a one night stand shocked that it even happened. Let be honest, one night stands are more respectable than sleeping with another woman's fiancee.

As for Lorelai, I always knew she had man troubles, but I guess we all assumed once it happened with Luke things would snap into place. We thought wrong. How do ten years go by and no one mentions kids? Only to be swept under the rug because the both of you cant be bothered to talk things over like adults. Oh, and the whole running away to do Wild? Ridiculous. As we all saw the people out there were in their twenties, thirties at most.

As a woman pushing fifty, she should be able to figure her shit out without abandoning her life. Nothing made me angrier than Luke having to fight for her again. At what point does this man have to stop fighting for her, can the man just have a relationship that doesn't require a routine crisis every few years?

Good: How well all of the Gilmore Girls' exes are doing.

I never imagined I would watch the Gilmore Girls Revival and end up rooting for all of their exes, but by the Spring episode I found myself caring more about them than the main characters. For a show that set up Rory and Lorelai as women who would always be remembered as the one who got away, it was great to see that most of their exes were living successful, stable and happy lives. Trust me, even if you were strongly on Team Dean or Jess, you'll end the episodes thankful that they both grew up to be responsible adults.

Better: Paris Gellar proving a woman really can have it all.

Her role in the show walked the line of villain and best friend, which made her character all the more enjoyable. Liza Weil perfectly fell back into her role, and even though her character had grown so much, all the typical Paris trademarks were still inside the now grown up version of the girl we grew to admire.

This the women we should all be striving to be like, unapologetic, strong, and hardworking. The girl who will call you out for having an affair with her husband all while telling him he's not welcomed to sit on her couch. No she's not without flaws, but she's damn near perfect.

Best: Emily's portrayal of moving on with your life.

During the seven seasons the show aired I never really cared for Emily's character, but trust me, she is the only thing that kept me watching through the painful Summer episode. Emily's journey of learning to live without her husband is something anyone whose ever lost someone they loved can relate to.

In the Gilmore Girls Revival she finds her own place in the world, finally tells her DAR friends how fake they all are, and does something we could all probably benefit from, declutters her life. Emily Gilmore is the charm that kept my eyes glued to the screen, and if you read any review of the new episodes, you'll see this is her best performance yet.

Honorable mentions

Terrible: All the stereotypes and misplaced jokes.

Even though episodes from the past got away with less than appropriate jokes, there's no reason why their revivals have to commit the same mistakes. Something felt...unnecessary about the whole Berta and her whole family moving in situation. As for the fat shaming and millennial jokes, I don't understand how the writers missed the memo on body positivity and the fact that millennials are basically the only ones with the time to binge watch a series.

Heartwarming: Luke's relationship with his daughter.

Even though I was never a big fan of this plot line, it was nice to see that April grew up to be such a successful young woman. Her panic about how to navigate her early twenties was relatable without feeling too forced or belittling those who also feel as if they have no idea what their next step is.

Adorable: The fact that Lane is so much like her mother.

Maybe it's the ten years of wisdom I've gained, but current me sees Ms.Kim as less of a controlling mother and more of a woman who just wants to protect her daughter. You know, from things like affairs and unplanned pregnancies. Lane stepping into her mothers shoes while still holding on to her rebellious nature is the best thing the show could have done for her plot line.

So tell me, did you love or hate the new episodes? If you hated it, which part was the most cringeworthy for you? And if you loved it, am I missing something or have I just become far too cynical?


  1. I am so bummed about the revival. I expected so much more!

    1. Me too! I wanted to love it but I found myself checking my phone and rolling my eyes. Oh well, maybe the possible spinoff will be better!

  2. I guess I didn't have super high expectations going in, I agree that 1-3 pretty much sucked. I was bored at times and there were definitely some unnecessary story lines - like the whole Star's Hollow play, WTF was the point of that? But, by episode 4, I guess I had gotten used to the fact that Rory and Lorelei had experienced no personal growth in the last 10 years. And I started to actually really enjoy it. Emily was fantastic, loved all the ex's, and I thought the whole wedding montage and final scene were great. I loved that the end really brought everything full circle.