The 12 Best Things That Happen in the Month of December

I am a die hard Halloween lover, to the point that currently there are two pumpkins a few feet away from my Christmas tree. Also, I'm lazy. While November is a time to mourn over the fact we have to wait a whole year to dress up again, by the time December arrives I'm pumped for all the things the last month brings along with it. And I'm not even talking about Christmas or New Year's Eve. Especially not New Year's Eve, because if Valentines Day is meant to make you feel bad about being single New Year's Eve is meant make you feel bad about not celebrating on top of a skyscraper while kissing the love of your life in a sparkly dress. Never mind it's winter and you're on top of a building, people in the movies never look like they're cold and miserable.

Some pretty awesome events happen in December though, whether you're still in school or have landed a job good enough that your family expects you to start buying them presents as well. Damn. I've narrowed the list down to the top 12, because 13 is unlucky and and 11 is just a weird number to stop at.

12. It's the perfect temperature outside.

Growing up in California, I never learned to appreciate a breezy day in the winter. Mostly because I grew up by the beach and every day was breezy. Moving to Washington DC has made me appreciate the little things like sunny days during winter, low humidity that won't ruin my hair and wearing a scarf for more than just fashion purposes.

11. Sweater weather is finally here.

I know everyone likes to say sweater weather starts in September/October but no, you're wrong. At least if you live in Washington DC. It's still hot as hell during the fall, so all the sweaters I had forgotten all about get to come out and play in December. Plus, I can get away with not wearing a bra to the office, and life doesn't get better than that.

10. The thought of the new year is still exciting.

Everyone starts December off by saying, "oh my god, I feel like it was just January." Early December is all about feeling like you might still be able to accomplish some of your resolutions while being optimistic about next year. Hold onto that feeling, because it will fade.

9. Finding everything you thought you had lost.

Does anyone else find all their favorite chapsticks and trinkets in the pockets of their winter coats? Just me? Okay. So far I've found my old favorite lip balm, all my ribbon hair ties, a wallet and some old mementos from last winter. Still hoping I find a stack of twenty dollar bills in one of my coats though.

8. Cable TV plays nothing but good movies.

The limit to the number of times I can watch The Grinch during the month of December does not exist. While I usually can't stomach a Christmas movie marathon, as soon as the calendar hits December 1st I'm all about curling up with my cat and reciting every word of Elf.

7. Free shipping at Target, and other places too I guess.

I know shipping is usually only 7-12 dollars but nothing beats not having to spend that money on something as lame as shipping! Is it weird that this made it so high on the list? I just really love saving money you guys.

6. Presents start to pile up around the tree.

Does anyone else get so much joy from picking up boxes and shaking them? Since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with trying to figure out what my presents were before I opened them. I know I'm terrible, but I just cant stand staring at the boxes not knowing what's inside them.

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5. Holiday bonuses.

Last year the company I worked for decided to invite everyone to the holiday office party, well, everyone except for me. Why? I have no freaking clue. Thankfully I ditched that place four months ago and am ten times happier working at a law firm downtown. Not only was I invited to this year's office party, I received an email this Monday telling me to expect my holiday bonus on my next paycheck. I literally clapped at my desk.

4. Family treats you like a guest of honor. 

If you're like me and don't go home often, you know the awesome feeling of visiting and having the red carpet treatment. Whether your mom misses you or just forgot what a pain you can be, being cooked all your favorite meals and told to pick "whatever you like" is pretty freaking awesome. Sometimes going home once a year has its perks.

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3. Everything is on sale.

On top of free shipping, all the things go on sale. This year I opted to do all my Christmas shopping online because not only did I get to avoid the long lines and angry mobs of people, I stacked my savings on top of more saving by using promo codes and Ebates. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself.

2. School is finally over. 

You know what's harder than trying to get through finals week? Trying to get through finals week while working full time. Holy hell am I happy to have finally turned in all my final papers. December doesn't really feel like December till you can stop stressing about needing to meet your page minimum and catching up on all your reading.

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1. Christmas items go on clearance. 

I've been looking at Christmas decor since October, yeah, Target had the nerve to pull it out before Halloween had even passed. With almost two months on the shelf, places are finally marking down their gorgeous home goods and all those candy filled candy canes. Nothing says the holidays like buying something 70% off.

What's makes your top 12 December moments? Also, am I the only one that has 100% forgot what my 2015 resolutions were? Oops. 


  1. YES to almost all of these points. December brings real cold weather at my side, so it's supposed to be my most favorite month out of the rest. I can actually rock sweaters without getting all sweaty. Plus, it's the last month before a new fresh start & I can write new goals to feel important and stuff. So it's a grand month for me!!!

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. the day before I posted this it was nice and cold outside, then it was super hot all weekend! So I might have jinxed myself on the whole sweater weather thing

  2. In the UK sweater weather is about Setpember to March!

    I do like the clearances, it's sometimes annoying though when you see all the presents you bought a fraction of the price after Christmas!

    The Christmas bonus is always appreciated, we get ours on the 18th but I've decided to be good and save it all and put it towards a holiday next year :)

    Have you decided what you're going to do with yours yet?

    Ami x

    1. YES! I just went to the store and saw something I bought full price the week before on sale, so frustrating! When I studied in the UK the weather changed so quickly (I was around from January to July), the seasons over here take forever to switch over! And I'm definitely going to use my bonus to buy a new computer because mine decided to just die on me about two weeks ago