How It Feels to Start Blogging Again

I feel as if I took a very long vacation, except it was anything but. Within the past three months I moved myself and all my favorite belongings across the country to live and work in Washington DC, did what I was supposed to do there and then lugged all my junk back to California to attend my college graduation. Time honestly flew by so quickly, and having never worked a 9 to 5 job meant I came home too tired to even think about logging onto my blog.

Now as a recent college grad with no job and strangely no deadlines hanging over my head, I'm super excited to put all my energy into my blog. (And hopefully figure out what the heck I'm doing with my life along the way.) Coming back to my blog has been as strange as moving back home. I cant quite remember how things were before my departure, which might explain why it took me a few minutes to log into my Bloglovin account and even longer to find where my mom had decided to store the baking sheet.

While I've been writing during my entire disappearance, the audience was much different and the topic was much more...depressing. (More on this later.) Returning back to the blogger community has felt a lot like coming back to my hometown after years of living somewhere else.

The biggest worry I've had throughout my entire absence from blogging and my hometown has been if anyone has even noticed my hiatus. I constantly read blog posts about people apologizing for taking a break from blogging, and in reality, I would have never noticed had they not pointed it out. Maybe it's because I try to keep up with a ridiculous amount of blogs but, when a blogger decides to take a leave of absence for whatever reason, I almost never take notice.

The same feeling applies for returning home after spending the past four years in college and traveling. I anxiously wonder if I'll have anyone to catch up with after being away for so long. The answer is no. Life and friends have moved on without me, which is understandable under my conditions.

The most frustrating part about returning has to be having to relearn the most simple things. It took me too long for comfort to figure out which way I needed to turn the key to get into my home the other day, which proves how much time I've spent away these past four years.

Same goes for my blogging routine. Remembering to check my Bloglovin, Google Friend Connect, Twitter and so many other accounts is overwhelming when you've lost habit of keeping up with so many people. Don't get me wrong, I love keeping up with all your amazing blogs, but when I make a list of all the blog related tasks I need to do in a day, it can seem a little crazy.

Even though it seems as if I'm having to relearn everything, I'm beyond excited to get back in the habit of writing (and publishing) regularly! Soon my blog will be flaunting a new and improved blog design, plus a ton of content I dreamed up while sitting in my drab cubicle those past ten weeks.

Hopefully I'm not just talking to myself, but if I am, that's alright by me.


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    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Eek I have missed you <3 I was away from blogging too , but it really feels good to be back.