Upcoming Changes to the Blog

For the past few days I have been working nonstop on a new blog design that I hope will be ready to reveal by my birthday. (Which is only four days away now!) I stopped blogging near the end of March because the entire universe seemed to be against me, and also because I woke up one day and decided my blog looked like a hot mess.

After hours spent bookmarking tutorials and studying everything Ellie over on xomisse.com has to teach me, I think I've finally created something I'm proud to show off. It's not done quiet yet, but here's a sneak peak into the coming changes for this blog.

Also, if you just like freebies in general, check out my Blogging Freebies Pinterest board to keep up with all the free blog items I find all over the web I've also created boards dedicated to fonts and tutorials, because one blog board is not enough...

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  1. ohhh! You've made me so curious. Can't wait to see the final product :)