On Rating Other People

Like most people, I enjoy a good piece of gossip. I'm not above occasionally talking about a stranger's choice of clothes or a friend's rash decision, and while I don't try to make a habit out of it, I'm not perfect. I'm a firm believer in you get what you put out, so no matter my dislike for people's choices or beliefs, as long as they don't affect me, I keep myself out of it.

A few months ago I heard about an app that let's you rate men on everything from how they treat their mom to how good they are in bed. Sitting at brunch surrounded by a group of my boyfriend's friends, I sat back and heard them listing all the things past hook ups and friends had said about a person at the table, and for someone that enjoys some harmless gossip from time to time, this time, I felt sick.

I used to be the girl who wanted to know every bit of history in my boyfriend's dating past. I wanted to know how many girls he had dated, for how long, how they met and why it didn't work out. Then I met my current boyfriend, and somewhere in between getting to know one another I unconsciously made the decision that I had no interest in knowing that part of him.

Weeks passed and the app would occasionally be brought up over endless mimosas, with people laughing over the ratings and trying to decipher who said what. Over time I just kept thinking about the fact that there were people out there rating one another, and we all know the saying, unhappy customers are the first to make a formal complaint. Or in this case, profile.

Whether it's a sign of me maturing or my general distaste for negativity, no matter the odds of an app helping me avoid a jerk, nothing will ever overpower my dislike for the idea of rating one another. One person's experience with another has nothing to do with how your interactions will be, believe me, ask any of my ex-boyfriends.

With social media already serving as a tool to dig into virtually anyone's past, the last thing we need is a formal way to lodge our complaints about how the check was split or whether or not they took too long to text back after a first date. Maybe it's just me, but I like a little mystery.

Have you ever heard of the app that let's you rate ex-hookups? Is that someone you would be interested in? Lemme know in the comments below!

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  1. nope; i prefer to let the past stay in the past! also, stuff like this can really cloud one's judgement....if someone got rejected, they can just go on here and slander that person...isn't that also called cyber-bullying?

    1. Surprisingly from what I hear the ratings aren't totally hateful, so kudos to those girls for being less crazy than me. But yes! One comment from an exgirlfriend would definitely stick with me for at least a little while

  2. Nope I've never heard of it and I wouldn't be interested in it. The only person I want giving me advice or warnings about a guy I'm into is a super trusted friend.

    1. I totally get maybe Facebook stalking a person but I agree, this takes it to another level. And yes, friends I can trust, stranger possibly angry exes I cant